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The Importance Of Font Design …
November 13, 2006, 12:43 pm
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Believe it or not, but this is a very, very, very expensive jeweller located inside Singapore Airport.

Apart from the name of the shop being unbelievably naff … the logo design is so disgusting that you fully expect it to be a ‘everything for a pound’ type of shop.

As much as designers have an astounding ability to talk like everything has hidden layers and complexity – they are sooooooo right when they explain that font-design has an amazing ability to deliver a brand perception image to consumers.

Just imagine how differently you would look at this shop if the font-design conveyed elegance, sophistication and exclusivity – rather than the Fisher Price, 1982 look it has now.

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Do you realise that posting about your jewelry shopping on your blog is sending a pretty clear message to your friends about what you’re up to?

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Fredrik – I was in the airport getting on a plane [my 2nd home] – I was NOT buying jewellery even though we both know what you are talking about!

Comment by Rob

this from a man who does everything in impact.

Comment by andy @ cynic

Ew… impact.

Don’t make me get all Helvetica on your asses.

Typography is so so so important to branding, its astounding more ad people don’t realise this.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You’re so right Rob … but so is having a brand idea/philosophy and too many people think they are mutually exclusive. Hope you’re good matey … any news on the house?

Comment by Rob

Sadly so.
Look at the effect of typography on Abbey when they changed their logo. The whole brand went into a dive.

It should be mandatory for all art directors to understand typography.

Getting there, hopefully getting keys in next two weeks!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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