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Just Add ‘Z’ …
November 2, 2006, 10:46 am
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Z Mosaic

I’m having a quick break [so no ‘updates’ for a while as Jill has banned me from using any computer] but maybe you can help me while I’m away.

We’re compiling a list of advertising clichés that supposedly mean your brand/product will appeal to ‘the youth’.

So far we have the following …

If your brand/product name ends with the letter ‘s’, simply replace it with a ‘z’.  As seen in Australia with their ‘APPLEZ’ campaign – I kid you not.

Ad’s featuring kids with baseball caps on back to front.

Kids being noisy in the family home – preferably listening to music or playing an instrument,

Kids stuck infront of the TV playing a video game.

Kids playing sport and scoring the winning goal/try etc.

Kids being all dirty and muddy.

Kids being cute and wholesome. [ie: every ad in bloody Asia!]

If you have any more … please can you let us know and who knows, you could see it in an upcoming Virgin campaign.


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The “kid who is impressed by his cool buddy” shot

The “happy family around a board game” shot

Kids making a mess

The ‘Doll toy’ “My doll really does this (grows her hair, pisses self, drinks milk etc) ….WOW!” scene

ANY ad with a hi-5 in it.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

This is my first comment even though I’ve been checking your site out for some time. I’m in South Africa and one thing that all the big companies here use to try and be youthful is use luminous colored, freaky looking fonts because they think anyone young is only attracted to the sort of writing you see in horror movies or ransom notes. Hope this helps and gets into your Virgin ad.

Comment by Jack Phelps

The “class” of kids cheering as if they have all been offered free sweets scene.

If its in the uk, then those annoying Vauxhall ads where the kids act like the parents…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

kids act like parents or parents act like kids. sad ads by people who dont deserve to be in a job. what about the kid who is a failure at the start of the ad and 30 seconds later, theyre the star of the class.

Comment by andy

Of course, the 80s/90s staple kids ad feature:

“From £9.99” (meaning a piece of clothing is £9.99, and the big house on screen is £89.99)

Comment by Rob Mortimer

The single biggest cliche that marketers think will appeal to the youth is showing youth(s) (doing whatever) in the ad.

A close second would have to be the cliche of using the word ‘fun’ somewhere in the ad, mostly in the headline, or at least in the tagline.

And rob… you can save yourself all this trouble by just giving the Virgin client a scribbling pad and let him create the ad. Surely none of us can top that in coming up with cliches.

Comment by Hari

as wonderful as virgin are, giving them a pad to do the ad would lead to alienated youth – have you seen the fashion the big boss wears? even rob looks less stupid. just.

Comment by andy

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