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When Helpful Is Unhelpful …
November 16, 2023, 7:45 am
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In the last couple of months, Apple launched iOS 17.

I used to love these software updates …

I’d look up tips and tricks on the internet and spend the day messing with all the features.

But now – after all these years of updates – things are getting a bit thin on the ground and you can almost hear the scraping of the barrel in terms of what is being added or updated.

One of those is a feature that can tell if you’re holding the phone too close to your eyes.

If you are … you get this:

All good eh?

Well, not so much.

Because when you are a short-sighted fool with only one working eye, you have to put your phone pretty close to your face all the time … which means your iPhone stops what you’re looking at to tell you it’s too close to your face ALL THE TIME.

I know Apple increasingly wants to be seen as a credible health-tech company.
I get it must be increasingly difficult to create new features that impress.
I appreciate this alert has some value – and you can [thankfully] turn it off.

But it all feels a bit try-hard, a desperate attempt to have new news.

I get it, but it feels counter to what they once said about their innovation approach:

“New is easy, right is hard”.

OK, so they said it as a brilliant response to claims they were falling behind in innovation compared to brands like Samsung … but over the years, I’ve really felt their approach to innovation was more about integration than one-off gimmicks.

And it was good.

Until now … unless, of course, they’ve done a collab with Spec Savers and I get an email notifying me I need an eye-test and they’ve already booked my appointment.

Or they just automatically increase the font size … which could also be said for this blog.

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