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Just Blowing It …
October 25, 2023, 8:15 am
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Back in 2016, I was invited to Paris to meet with Nike’s senior leadership and talk to them about where the brand is going.

Given I was the only person invited from Wieden to do this, I felt really honoured … so you can imagine the attendees surprise when I said they were in danger of becoming ‘the beast they were meant to slay’.

They took this pretty well.

Mainly because it was true.

We then spent the afternoon discussing where we’re making mistakes and where we should be doubling down.

And while it had a teensy bit about me – and a lot to do with Wieden – I feel there were a few years where they got shit together.

Then things changed …



Chasing the cash.

Which may all explain this …

First you all they call people ‘consumers’ rather than athletes.

I mean, that’s bad enough … but to then go on about how they constantly evaluate the best way to serve their audience, before announcing they’re leaving NZ, is mind-bendingly mad.

Given a few weeks ago they chose not to make a retail version of West Bridgford born, Women’s England goalkeeper – and World Cup ‘Golden Glove’ winner – Mary Earps, I can’t help wondering what the hell Nike have against Nottingham, let alone NZ?

While back in 2016, they had made some decisions that led me to that presentation, I never imagined they could go this off-piste, and it breaks my heart because I love the brand and loved working with them.

But now?

Seems they misunderstood ‘dream crazy’ as act stupid.

But I’ll tell you something even worse …

Despite all this, they’re still better than most brands and that is terrifying.

I hope NIKE rediscover their love of the athlete and sport soon.

Not just for their sake … but for every little kid who needs to discover the power of sport to discover who they are and who they can become.

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