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Mission Implausible: Creative Easter Eggs …

For a lot of people, creativity is just fuck about until something interesting comes along.

And for some, that’s exactly how they approach it.

But for others, creativity is also about taking on challenges.

Three years ago I wrote how the inspiration behind The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’ was because they wanted to see if they could write a compelling song that had no chorus.

[Having resisted the post, it’s quite good … and not just because of the comments. For once]

It’s similar to Brian May’s inspiration behind We Will Rock You … which was to create a song where the audience didn’t just participate, but were integral to the rhythm.

Or when SONOS created their incredible logo that was designed to show moving sound waves, despite being a static image.

But then we shouldn’t be surprised because all creativity solves some sort of problem … whether personal or commercial.

The reason I say this is because I recently heard a story behind the theme tune of Mission Impossible.

We all know how it goes, but just in case you’ve forgotten – or are an idiot – it’s this …

As movie tunes go, it’s one of the most memorable.

And while I assume memorability is an important element in movie recognition, it’s the story behind the tune that is amazing.

Because the main element of the music – 2 long notes, followed by 2 short notes – are actually the morse code for the letters M and I.

How amazing is that?

Obviously it wasn’t by chance … composer, ‘Lalo’ Schifrin saw his idea as something both creatively inspiring and challenging, which resulted in something pretty iconic.

And while I love that it celebrates the intelligence of creativity – which is something too often dismissed – I also love that this ‘easter egg’ keeps this piece of music alive in culture.

Now I appreciate some of you – if I still allowed comments – would be throwing shit at me because ‘news’ has been known for years.

But in my defence, I would like to point out 2 things.

1. This blog has never been topical and you know it.

2. At least I’m not as bad as people who don’t know but have worked on the movie for years.

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