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Never Been Prouder …
July 18, 2023, 8:15 am
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Last Friday I wrote a post about how Otis kinda trolled me like I kinda troll my colleagues on my birthday.

Well I wrote that before my colleagues decided to give me a birthday gift from them.

Obviously, having made them eat a years worth of cakes that celebrate their nemesis, flaws or fucked-up tastes, they wanted to get their own back.

And they did.

Unfortunately for them, their evil made me so happy it led to one of the best birthday’s I’ve had in years. And what – pray tell – did they give me?

Well, it was this …

And this [The T, not the Hula Hoop. I bought that for a colleague. Don’t ask]

And this …

It was all just so perfect!

It was also proof my team know me so well.

And they’re bastards.

Just so there’s no misunderstanding, if you click on the link, you’ll discover why Sharp and Ritson appear in my pressies.

They’re not my nemesis – I respect and appreciate their brains – I just don’t like how they’ve allowed clients to misunderstand the contexts of what they teach [though I appreciate this is not entirely down to them] so we’ve ended up with a common process to building brands that has left so many brands looking common.

As for Julian.

A quick look on Linkedin will tell you why I have issues with what he does. Or more specifically, how he does it.

I should also point out I’m not saying I’m right – far from it – I’m just saying there’s a lot of context and counter examples that can be given and far too often they’re not.

I get it, we all do that to a certain extent … but in this more competitive landscape and economy, having breadth of approaches and examples of brands who have found interesting and sustainably effective ways to move forward is, at least to me, more valuable than a single approach that ultimately ends up being more about fitting in than getting ahead.

God, this has gone heavy for what was supposed to be a post about cheeky-bastard fun, so let’s ignore all of this and focus on the Fuck U balloons … especially as they’re filled with the same amount of hot air as the average planner.

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