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Context Matters, Especially Where History Is Concerned …
July 4, 2023, 7:30 am
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So today is July 4 – a day where lots of America go crazy celebrating freedom from the Brits.

And while I appreciate I descend from those Brits who stole lives, livelihoods and land, I hope America realises the day they embrace is only relevant to some.

Put simply, Independence Day is a white America celebration … and given the way they behaved to Native and African Americans, it’s not something I’d be treating as a national holiday, which is why I – like many others – believe the true celebration should be on June 19.

You can find out why here … but basically, I can’t understand how a nation can celebrate freedom when they know only some were free.

This is not an anti-American stance.

It’s a pretty awesome country, despite its issues. I also appreciate the role the day has in their national calendar. However for a nation that prides itself on being ‘the land of the free’, it would be wonderful if they lived up to that label rather than down to a stained tradition.

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