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The Older I Get, The More I Get This Film …

There’s no more to really be said is there.

But if you haven’t watched Falling Down … then I really encourage you to. It’s brilliant. Except for the fact it feels like a representation of how we are made to feel as we witness the slow deterioration into corporate mediocrity and self-interest behaviours.


OK, I get that’s pretty heavy. Especially for a Friday … so let’s leave on a bit of a positive.

As tomorrow is April 1st, there will be no blog post. That is not the positive by the way.

Because of that, I thought I’d leave you with the 2 best ones I ever wrote. Given how old this blog is, that is pitifully low even by my standards … but these worked because both were picked up and talked about by various people in the industry as fact. Which, as I am sure you can imagine, filled me with absolute mischievous glee.

With that, enjoy Method Planning and the Power of Poetry.

Have a great weekend.

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