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You Don’t Get The Chance To Be Part Of History Very Often …
May 17, 2022, 8:15 am
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Later today – or in NZ time, very early tomorrow morning – Nottingham Forest play the second leg of the Championship Playoff against Sheffield United.

We played the first leg at their ground last Saturday and won, 1-2.

It should have been 2 nil … but it wouldn’t be Forest without letting in a needless goal on the 90th minute so they still have a chance to scupper us.

And don’t think I’m just being a doom-fan, they did just that in 2003 when we were in this position … beating us 4-3 at home. ARGHHHHHH.

But beating them tonight isn’t just about revenge.

Nor is it even about getting closer to the Premiership.

It would be another way I can get my revenge at the RHCP for sacking me.

What am I talking about?

Well I recently saw this article in a Yorkshire newspaper …

… and while Flea was pretty decent to me, at this point – with the scale of this result at stake – all alliances are well and truly off, hahaha.

But even with that, this is already beyond our wildest dreams.

At the start of the season, we were rock-solid bottom of the league with just 1 miserly point after 7 games played..

It was our worst start in 108 years.


So to be in this position is beyond anything anyone could have hoped for – especially as we all expected it would be a relegation battle season, rather than a chance at getting in the Premiership.

For all our amazing success, Forest have been fucking pants for 2 decades.

Even a couple of years ago, when we were in the playoff position for basically the whole season, we managed to lose the very last game by enough goals to ensure we ended up outside the playoff position

I honestly took over a year to recover from that … but here we are, potentially 180 minutes from the big time. Back where I would like to say we belong but have not been there for 23 years.

Hell, if we had not just had a meltdown against Bournemouth a couple of weeks ago, we could have even made automatic promotion – and that would have just been nuts.

So while I still am burned from 23+ years of broken dreams and false promises, I hope they make it. I still feel they’ll slip up as that is just what I’ve been conditioned to expect – but it would be amazing for them, the manager and the city as a whole if they didn’t.

I would cry.

Proper cry.

Not just because I’d be so proud of them, but it would take me back to being a kid when being from Nottingham meant you were part of Clough’s all-conquering team and that felt so special.

And while they will never win the European Cup again, getting back to the Premiership would be something worth celebrating for years.

But even that wouldn’t be as huge as this teams ability to make me – and the whole city of Nottingham – fall in love with Forest and football again.

The scenes this year are arguably better than anything I saw even in the glory years … so while I desperately want to see them win, in some ways, they already have.

Good luck Forest.

Come on your reds.

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you know this post means your fuckers get beaten. then well see how fucking well you take it.

Comment by andy@cynic

I know …

On Saturday – when they were 2-0 up at 90 minutes – I stupidly tweeted that I couldn’t breathe because I knew Forest’s past for last second mistakes – and then Sheffield scored.

If this post results in a Forest loss, I may either stop blogging altogether or just write fawning posts about people I want to see fail, hahaha.

Comment by Rob

heres a treat for you campbell. i dont given a shit about football but still hope your fuckers make it. not for you, but because clough was a fucking legend.

Comment by andy@cynic

Cooper – our new manager – is no Clough [but then, who is] but he’s definitely got the team and the city united in a way that I’ve not seen since Clough. Which may be the highest accolade I can give.

Comment by Rob

you sad fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

There was an article about an incident in Nottingham from a few years ago. It’s very, very powerful – and terrifying, mainly because I saw so much of it when I was there.

Nottingham is a brilliant city, but it does have some problems. As all cities do who ignore the impact of their prejudice, oppression and labels.

Comment by Rob

Why does Flea support Sheffield?
Good luck tomorrow Rob. If they win, would you go to the final?

Comment by Pete

I need to see if they get to the final before I start committing financial suicide.

Comment by Rob

Silliest question ever.

Comment by John

2/1 he’s written to Lee for freebie flights already.

Comment by Bazza

There’s definitely been some emails sent to a range of people … haha.

Comment by Rob

If you do win, you face Huddersfield. But I hope you do it Robert. The Premiership would benefit from having Forest in there.

Comment by Lee Hill

Can’t wait to read tomorrows post.

Comment by DH

Tears will fall.

Comment by Bazza

Apologies if I jinx it, but good luck. I’d like to see Forest back in the top flight.

Comment by Rob (The other one)

Are you crying with happiness yet Rob?

Comment by DH

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