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Fashion Victim …
May 4, 2022, 8:15 am
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When you look at the title of that post, it can only be one of 2 things.

I’m going to write about people who are slaves to the latest trends.
I’m going to write about how tragic my fashion tastes are.

Well you’d be wrong on both counts because I’m going to write about integrity.

You see a while back, I was told I was going to receive a sweatshirt that was apparently ‘made for me’.

The design was this …

OK, so it says Birmingham instead of Nottingham [though I appreciate ‘heavy metal’ was supposedly born in Brum] but yeah, I get it …

I was born in 1970.

I like heavy metal.

I work for a band that are masters of heavy metal.

It was pretty nice so I said thank you and waited.

A few weeks later I received a package.

The weather in Auckland is just starting to turn into Autumn, so the slightly colder days meant the timing of a warm sweatshirt was perfect.

So imagine my surprise when I opened the package and saw this …

Leonardo Dibloodycaprio.

And it was at that moment it all made sense.

The evil, piss-taking, lying bastards.

Bloody geniuses …

And while they were all no doubt pissing themselves back at home thinking they’d got me, the reality is I ended up having the last laugh.

Because not only is it cosy as hell, it’s still more stylish and fashionable than anything I have in my wardrobe … so in their attempt to take the piss, they’ve inadvertently made a more suave – and warm – version of myself.

Though I admit I do get strange looks when I wear it outside.

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thats as funny as forest being battered by a team from the city where you go to die.

Comment by andy@cynic

Too soon.

I’m pretty devastated to be honest.

Proud of them.

To be in this situation when we had our worst start in 108 years is pretty epic and we’re still in the playoffs. But we just didn’t really turn up today. Too many injuries and a linesman who allowed a clear cut pen be written off as an offside.

But whatever happens, I have a season that will be remembered for decades for all the right reasons … which given how long that has been, is amazing.

But yeah, too soon.

Comment by Rob

You were robbed by the offside decision but your performance wasn’t good. Wish they’d won and not just because you support them.

Comment by Pete

Play offs is still a good result but your team needs to get their heads in the right space to make it work.

Comment by DH

makes a change its nottingham thats robbed.

Comment by andy@cynic

Don’t think of it as an awful defeat. Thnk of it as the opportunity to watch even more games. #positivity

Comment by John

At the moment liking Forest is better than liking Leeds

Comment by northern

Self awareness -> It’s still more stylish and fashionable than anything I have in my wardrobe.

Comment by Pete

Lack of self-awareness – “Though I admit I do get strange looks when I wear it outside.”

Comment by John

Of course you still wore it. A freebie is a freebie eh Rob?

Comment by DH

That’s hilarious. And almost as bad as what I encountered today.
I saw a woman who wearing a Ramones t-shirt.
She was in my age-bracket, so I figured she was a fan.
I smiled and said, “I like The Ramones too. I saw them countless times.”
Then she said, “I have to admit, I don’t know the band. But I collect band t-shirts.”
I was tongue-tied. I wanted to sarcastically ask her if she also had a G.G. Allin t-shirt. However, deer in headlights me just babbled…, “Oh, I saw the singer of that band perform with Ronnie Spector.”
She shook her head and smiled.
She obviously didn’t know who Ronnie Spector was either.

Comment by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta

Hahaha … same thing happened to me.

Scarily, in 2007

Comment by Rob


Comment by Lee Hill

Be grateful. They just made you prettier than you’ll ever be.

Comment by Bazza

Very, very true. Sadly.

Comment by Rob

As a wearer of pink cycling shoes I’m not qualified to comment on fashion

Comment by northern

That has never stopped Rob.

Comment by Bazza

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