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The Cockroach Of Blogs Lives On …

OK, so this is where I was supposed to be officially back.

But I have 3 pieces of good news.

1. Today is a public holiday in Auckland.

2. There is another public holiday this time next week.

3. After almost a month of no blogging, I have to ease myself back into it.

So this means there isn’t really a post today – we start properly tomorrow – so to ease us both back into it, here’s a post that’s more superficial than an episode of Love Island.

Though – in my defence – it’s more entertaining.

I actually really did find this funny.

I also found it quote telling about how human nature works.

Which probably makes you even more alarmed for what the next 11 months of this blog has in store for you.

But hey, no one is forcing you to come, you can still escape with most of your mind intact.

For everyone else, see you tomorrow. With the same standard of post. Sorry.

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Anticlimax of 2022. Which is coming from the lowest expectation.

Comment by Bazza

so your humour is still fucked then campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

two months of nothing and this is the shit you come up with. at least youre consistent campbell. sad fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

A holiday after a holiday. NZ was made for you.

Comment by DH

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