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Hidden In Plain Sight …

A week or so ago, Otis was telling me about a magic trick he saw at school.

He was amazed by it.

Apparently some magicians came in to assembly and showed the school a book that was in black and white and then – at the flick of a wand – turned into colour.

So I said to him, was it something like this …

He watched transfixed before shouting with sheer joy …

“Yes Daddy, that’s it. THAT’S IT!”

So I said to him …

“Well if you like that, you may like this from a long time ago” …

He laughed and laughed and laughed, then asked me what it was.

So I told him that years ago, in 2007 in fact, a group of people did this thing called iPod Singing, which was the latest wonderfully bonkers ideas from Marcus Brown.

He looked at me for a second and said,

“Were those videos Marcus Brown?”

“No” …” I replied, “… they were of me”.


Bit more silence.

Look of confusion and amazement on his face.

“But it didn’t look like you or sound like you Daddy”.

I looked at Jill.

“Well your voice has changed over they years”, she said.

Jesus Christ …

And while I would like to think this means I could be James Bond, the reality is I now understand why tax departments in every country I’ve lived give me shit. Because every year, it appears they think the person who has to pay their bill isn’t the person who is stood in front of them saying, “I’ve paid, I’ve paid”.

So thank you Marcus for revealing how my son only recognises me from 2014 … which is handy given all the shit I want him not to see when he’s older.

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i was wrong, youre still an immature twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

When did you ever say I wasn’t?

Comment by Rob

good point campbell. im never wrong.

Comment by andy@cynic

I am ashamed to admit I remember when you did both of those clips.
A time when blogging was fun. Actually, when blogging was a thing.

Comment by George

When Marcus was the internet ringmaster.

Comment by George

The perfect description. Hahaha

Comment by Rob

After swatting aside all others, it’s down to me and Mr Weigel for who wins the overall blog survivor competition.

Comment by Rob

How have you had a career after those? Especially after that 5 minute singing disaster. You weren’t at wk then were you? They can’t say you didn’t warn them.

Comment by Bazza

I know. Insanity.

Comment by Rob

Maybe your voice has changed. Maybe so has your “look”. So I understand why Otis would say he didn’t recognise you. But you’re still the same annoying, immature, don’t give 2 fucks about anything person I’ve always known so I would recognise you in 1000 years..

Comment by Bazza

I’ll tell him. I’m sure he will be ecstatic to hear that.

Actually, he probably will.

Comment by Rob

Why do you bite the ears off the rabbit?
Why did I watch the whole video?

Comment by Pete

That’s a nabaztag. Pretty sure Rob had loads of them. He was probably destroying it because he knew it was another piece of useless gadget tech he’d bought that was about to become obsolete.

Comment by Bazza

70 views in 14 years. Now that’s magic.

Comment by John

Performance is his passion.

Comment by Marcus

That’s super high for me. New heights.

Comment by Rob

Otis is in for a lifetime of surprises regarding his father.

Comment by Lee Hill

Especially if he reads this blog. Eek. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

A proud moment. x

Comment by Marcus

Better than an Oscar.

Comment by Rob

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