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Nothing Says Privilege Like …
June 28, 2021, 8:00 am
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A pandemic that will live in history for centuries.

Hundreds of thousands dead.

Millions ill.

Job losses … income losses … educational impact.

And the woman who made – and sold – a candle that smelt like her vagina thinks eating bread was her lowest point???


While this news could be a great ad for a baker who wishes to celebrate the ‘comfort food’ credentials of their loaves, this is the sort of tone-deaf, white privilege bullshit that explains why Los Angeles is called LaLaLand.

While being fucking nuts is not exclusive to LA, they definitely over-index in it. As does anyone who buys anything from Gwynnie’s GOOP ‘health company of lies’.

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she makes adland look fucking sane. thats how fucked she is.

Comment by andy@cynic

Then she is rivalling this blog for the fucked award.

Comment by DH

Thanks Dave, but you’re not wrong.

There’s privilege and Gwyneth Paltrow privilege … and that just about sums it all up.

Comment by Rob

If eating bread is your lowest point, then I’ve been in clinical depression my entire life and bread is prozac.

Comment by DH

Wait for the people saying bread is more dangerous than prozac.

Comment by Pete

Oh that’s definitely happening.

I remember in LA asking for a bagel and the waiter asked if I wanted the bread scooping out to reduce the calories!!!

I said to him, “do I look like I like my bagel scraped of bread?”

Then he offered me about 50 different types of apple to make my apple juice with. And yet for all the obsessively healthy eating, America also has one of – if not the – most obese population on earth.

It’s a unique place with unique opinions, that’s for sure.

Comment by Rob

I think he was flirting with you.

Comment by John

You’ve got to admire that waiters optimism.

Comment by DH


Comment by John

What is amazing is the amount of people who will feel Gwyneth’s pain. These people are allowed the vote and to have children.

Comment by Pete

That GOOP exists and, for all intents and purposes, thrives … shows the world has people in it with absolutely no appreciation of others or self awareness of their own behaviours and actions.

Comment by Rob

Have you tasted Wonder Bread?

Comment by John

Didn’t Gwyneth say snake venom was good for health?

Comment by Bazza

It is a terrible response but it does feel like a Guardian journalist wanting to hype their piece.

Comment by Lee Hill

Thank you Lee.

Comment by Mary Bryant

youre always so fucking good mary.

Comment by andy@cynic

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