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Joy In A Photo …
October 23, 2020, 7:30 am
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It’s Friday.

Which means we’re moments from the weekend.

And while in these challenging times, the weekends we once enjoyed feel like a distant memory … I found a photo that I think encapsulates how a weekend should feel. This.

I love this photo.

I love it for so many reasons.

To me, it shows someone absolutely unconstrained.

In the throws of unmitigated joy.

Freed from the pressures and judgement of everyday life.

Lost in a World of their own making, while all around her, ‘real life’ continues.

OK, so the photo was taken in Studio 54 … so it’s not like a woman dancing was something weird, but the fact she’s on her own just adds to the impact of joy.

It’s like she doesn’t care or doesn’t realise anything else is happening.

And there must be, because of all the people in the photo, only 2 seem to be looking in the same direction as her body is facing. In fact, it seems the crowd are all heading to another place … leaving her on her own, without her even realising it.

But what makes this all the more powerful is the woman in the photo is Diana Ross.

THE Diana Ross.

She was probably at the height of her fame when this photo was taken and somehow that makes it even more radiant.

Would any celebrity be so off guard these days?

Would any of them allow themselves to be photographed dancing on their own?

I have my doubts and that’s what makes this so good because we’re witnessing someone who is in a place that makes her so happy, her entire body is smiling.

Not as bright as her amazing real smile, but smiling all the same.

So while we might not be able to go out to clubs or even late night pubs at the moment, I hope your weekend feels like Diana’s night.

And to get you in the mood, here’s the lady herself.

Have a good one.

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What a photo.

Comment by Bazza

Will anyone be that happy again? Outside of rich, white, male politicians?

Comment by George

All this photo reminds me of is when [name drop alert] James Hetfield of Metallica told me …

“You can’t be authentic if you’re not willing to be vulnerable”.

Musicians. They get it.

Comment by Rob

I love this Robert. Thank you.

Comment by Mary Bryant

This might be the best music you have ever played. And I don’t even like it that much.

Comment by Bazza

he likes queen. listening to a cat being fucked by an elephant is more musical than that shite.

Comment by andy@cynic

I once had the great pleasure of meeting Diana Ross for dinner. She was more guarded than she appears in this photograph, but still a joy to be around. Thank you Robert, you helped resurface a happy memory.

Comment by Lee Hill


Comment by andy@cynic

I’ve never felt this happy.

Comment by DH

Change dealers.

Comment by John

This post has died a damp death.

Comment by Bazza

a damper death.

Comment by andy@cynic

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