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How Not To Stop A Virus …

Corona virus is pretty bad.

We have seen pretty bad viruses before – hell, I got most of them – but this one has the World genuinely concerned.

Conferences cancelled.

The cruise liner industry destroyed.

Business’ everywhere dramatically affected.

Billions wiped off the stock market.

And while you can argue that governments haven’t really handled the situation as well as they could, the reality is they’ve also handled it a lot better than expected.

Especially China … who definitely learnt from their terrible handling of SARS.

What’s interesting is companies have also got on board with their responsibility.

Encouraging people to work from home.

Putting people in self-managed quarantine if they’ve been to a country with an outbreak.

Everyone seems to be taking this seriously … though sadly, not everyone is quite grasping how to do it well.

Case in point.

I walked into a clients building recently and was immediately handed a piece of paper by a building security guard about how to minimise passing/getting coronavirus … which, ironically, may literally be one of the worst ways to avoid passing/getting coronavirus.

I know they say it’s the thought that counts, but they could do with a bit more thinking.

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Guessing you wrote this when you could attend meetings face to face. There’s at least one positive to corona then, isn’t there.

Comment by Pete

I think his clients are the most relieved.

Comment by Bazza

Yes to both. Especially this client.

Comment by Rob

i would create corona just to avoid having a meeting with campbell. maybe the chinese did do it because they were worried campbell would move back one day. totally fucking understandable.

Comment by andy@cynic

This is one of those examples of companies attempting to look like they were ready and in control but proves they weren’t.

Comment by Pete

Like all the governments then.

Comment by Bazza

Most governments.

Comment by Rob

The moral of this story is nothing reveals our everyday privilege like a virus.

Comment by Bazza

Talking about stopping a virus while spreading it.

Comment by George

Looking like you’re doing something rather than doing something. The Trump/Fox News strategy.

Comment by Rob

You know you didn’t cover up the name of the company that handed you this?

Comment by Bazza

Goops … thank you. Changed the pic.

Obviously my eyesight is even worse than it was.

Comment by Rob

I’ll send you my invoice.

Comment by Bazza

I’ll take the fee off the iPhones and MacBooks you didn’t give me. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

he still wouldnt be fired. his deal with satan protects the fucker.

Comment by andy@cynic

if you ever give campbell stuff before me baz, i will fucking have you kneecapped and then youll stand lower than a fucking snake.

Comment by andy@cynic

Your blagging technique is pure mafia Andy.

Comment by DH

well it doesnt fucking work does it.

Comment by andy@cynic

It pretty much seems the case everywhere around nowadays. People operate with limited knowledge, moreover not analyzing an action from every angle hence we end up making the simplest of mistakes that could potentially cause bigger harm. But I appreciate your post as raising awareness on simple things like these help a lot! 🙂

Comment by nfa7

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