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I’m In A TV Ad …

Well that was quite a week.

Otis is doing OK.

He’s feeling much better and we’re hugely relieved.

Even though the risk of kids suffering severe health issues due to corona is very small, seeing your child not well is always hard – made 10,000 worse with the media all revelling in making it sound like the bloody plague.

That said, it means we are in quarantine for another fortnight, but them so is the whole country.

Fortunately Jill and I don’t look like we have caught anything, but then it’s a 2 week incubation so who knows.

On the positive, if I do, it will mean I’ve hit the virus jackpot – which is something to be proud about. Maybe.

So back to the title of this post.

Scarily, it’s entirely accurate.

To be honest, I’ve been in quite a few ads in my time.

Blackcurrant Tango.

Triple J.

Even a Nike spot.

But never have I been one of ‘the stars’ … but I am now.

Take a look at this.

The best bit is this ad was seen by someone in Portugal who was as shocked to see me in it as I was when to find myself in it. Though I note they used a photo that doesn’t really show my face … which is obviously very wise indeed, but not quite as wise as it would have been to not invite me to talk with Mr Gladwell in the first place.

Which was going to be my long way of saying this is the last post for a week but Corona Virus screwed with the conference so now you will see me on Monday.

And you thought the effects of Corona couldn’t be any worse!

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Great news on Otis. That kid is awesome.
As for the conference, I have so many questions.

Why did they invite you?
Why did they put you in their TV ad?
Why did they use that photo of you?
Why did Gladwell agree to be associated with you?

The only thing that makes sense is them cancelling it.

Comment by Bazza

The answer to most of these questions is: “I don’t know”.

The only one I do know is the photo. They’d asked for one for the program and so I sent a bunch saying I actually hate all photos of me so take your pick. And this was the one they chose. Both smart and humiliating at the same time. Hahahaha.

Comment by Rob

they showed some fucking sense choosing the pic that hides your face the most. not enough sense to introduce social distancing before covid was even a fucking thing.

Comment by andy@cynic

And don’t think I didn’t notice you moved the posting time again.

Comment by Bazza

Well spotted.

Comment by George

God you’re whiners. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

Says the guy who called his company cynic. Don’t say sunshine was optimistic, I know it was ironic.

Comment by DH

Brilliant news on Otis. You must be so relieved. Us too.
The ad is hilarious.
As is your photo. So on brand for you.
To ensure you don’t become a demanding TV star diva, may I remind you the director on BCT asked you to stand further back on the hill?

Comment by George

I hate your memory.

Comment by Rob

face for fucking radio.

Comment by andy@cynic

I must congratulate you on the level of blagging you are achieving. I know a lot has been postponed due to corona but the quality and quantity has improved dramatically in the last few years. You could rebrand yourself as a PR agent.

Comment by George

Yes. I’m impressed myself.
Can’t possibly last. They’ll catch on soon, surely?

Comment by Rob

You’ve done a very good job of making it last.

Comment by Pete

The only possible answers are you’re a hypnotist or a blackmailer.

Comment by Bazza

Or I use hypnosis to blackmail them?

Comment by Rob

That makes the most sense Robert.

Comment by George

I’ve seen your photos on instagram and saw he was feeling much better. Such good news. That looks a stellar conference line up. Has it been cancelled or postponed? I would love to see you on stage causing mayhem with some of the speakers.

Comment by Pete

Postponed. Till Jan. Hoping to god this is all over by then but the way the US is dealing with things, who knows.

Comment by Rob

Excellent news about young Otis.

Your advertisement gave me a much needed laugh.Thank you for that Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

Advert appears. Conference cancelled. Join the dots.

Comment by John

congratulations campbell. youre in the shittest fucking tv ad ever made.

Comment by andy@cynic

good news about otis. hes better, smarter and stronger than you.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think Andy speaks for all of us. Not on this blog, but in the world.

Comment by DH

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