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October 2, 2019, 6:15 am
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A few weeks ago, we were driving to Nottingham very early.

We’d only been on the road about 30 minutes and the atmosphere in the car was toxic.

Everyone was snappy with each other.

Everyone was whining.

Everyone wanted to be somewhere else.

Anyway, like some contrived ad – I saw a McDonalds enter into view over the hill and decided to pull in.

I was making the assumption that we were either tired or hungry and even if it was neither, I was confident that putting a McMuffin of any description in our mouths would at least stop us being assholes to each other.

As it happened, we were hungry because within a few bites of food, the mood lightened dramatically … but not nearly as much as when Jill got her McBaconMuffin thing.


Because it looked like this.

I don’t know what made the people behind the counter put so much bacon in it, but for all their generosity, the fact it looked like the food equivalent of someone at the beach who hadn’t “groomed” ensured it wasn’t eaten but it was replaced by laughs.

So whoever made this porn food delight, thank you for making the rest of our journey a whole lot less eventful.

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“it looked like the food equivalent of someone at the beach who hadn’t “groomed”.

You have a very strange imagination Rob.

Comment by Bazza

They started it.

Comment by Rob

Excellent counter argument.

Comment by George

What Baz said.

Comment by George


Comment by Pete

You have either just written the next McDonald’s ad or validated if.

Though connecting a bacon mcmuffin to a lack of personal grooming may have just cost you being acknowledged for it.

Comment by George

He will still put an invoice in. ; )

Comment by Pete

I’m not sure the scene where the family all laugh at the bacon mcmuffin for its resemblance to crazy public hair is the sort of thing McDonald’s likes to feature in its communication.

Comment by Pete

have you seen their new ads? they are more fucking offensive than this shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Someone will be fired for giving that amount of profit away.

Comment by Wayne Green

Astonished that the atmosphere in a car heading to Nottingham could be toxic.

Comment by John

That has put me off meat for life.

Comment by DH

campbell put me off planners for life.
till i met other planners then they put me off fucking living.

Comment by andy@cynic

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