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More Proof Starbucks Customers Have No Taste …
August 22, 2019, 6:15 am
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I always thought England was obsessed with politeness.

Apologizing for things they didn’t do.

Expressing gratitude for things that don’t matter.

Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ for every human interaction.

Maybe I thought this because I’ve been away for so long.

Maybe it’s because of Brexit.

But while I am loving being home, I am also aware some people can be utter pricks.

Case in point … Starbucks customers.

Specifically the Starbucks customer in the photo at the top of this post.

A few weeks ago, I was quietly eating my breakfast on a small table by myself.

Suddenly this guy comes and sits on the other side of the table … literally next to me.

And why did he do this?

Was it because I invited him?


Was it because he was being friendly?


It was because his takeaway coffee was being made and he thought he would take the weight off his feet by sitting at someone else’s table and waiting till he was called to pick up his coffee.

What the fuck?

When did that behaviour become ‘a thing’?

You wouldn’t join a family at their table if you were waiting to pick up a takeaway so why is this OK?

What got me even more pissed off is that he sat there, not facing me and yet completely invading my personal space.

Eventually he looked at me and when he saw me staring at him, he asked ‘what my problem was’.

To which I replied …

“I’ve not had someone this close to me since I had my proctology exam, though to be fair, the doctor asked if he could be there”.

The great irony is he called ME rude.

On the bright side, it got rid of him and left a nasty taste in his mouth – though given he was drinking a Starbucks, he should have been used to that by now. Boom Tish.

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This is what you get for going to starbucks.

Comment by Bazza

But I like the asshole comment. You may be a dad now but you’re still the bitch of old.

Comment by Bazza

Warms my heart, as long as it is not aimed in my direction.

Comment by George

Rob’s anger used to adopt the style of a grenade. Now he’s older it feels much more like a sniper rifle.

Comment by Pete

Rupert Howell once wrote me a reference that said: “Rob is like a stun grenade. We throw him into difficult meetings and wait for the fireworks”.

To this day I am not sure if it’s a good reference.

Comment by Rob

rupert was always a fucked judge of character.

Comment by andy@cynic

Must be a British thing because that wouldn’t happen in SF. Ironically people of SF become more British the moment they enter a Starbucks.. Patient. Polite. Happy to queue, at least until their order has been made. It is very bizarre.

Comment by George

We must go to different starbucks.

Comment by Pete

He probably goes to the one with the secret side entrance.

Comment by Rob

I think that insult is worthy of applause.

Comment by Pete

Over the top in all you do.

Comment by Lee Hill

Take their side why don’t you.

Comment by Rob

Tut tut.

Comment by Lee Hill

finally lee. fucking finally.

Comment by andy@cynic

Wonder if he would have behaved like that if you were wearing a suit?

Comment by John

what do you call campbell in a suit?
the accused.

Comment by andy@cynic

people who go into starbucks are fucking scum. you are less slightly less scum for being such a prick with your comeback.

Comment by andy@cynic

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