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New Year. Same Old Shit.
January 8, 2018, 6:15 am
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Trust me, I’m depressed as you are that this blog is back.

On the bright side, it means we must all of had an amazing holiday.

I know I did.

Being with my family and having my best friend and his wife over was amazing.

But that ended almost a week ago.

So now I have nothing left to look forward to.

Nothing at all.

Oh hang on, what about ruining your lives with my rubbish ranting?

Yes, that’s a silver lining … but I’m not totally heartless so to ease you into it, here’s a video to prepare you for the year ahead.

Don’t say I’m not generous.

Till tomorrow …

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The optimism for 2018 is officially over.
Welcome back. Though welcome is the wrong word.

Comment by DH

Don’t worry Dave, the feeling is mutual.

Comment by Rob


Comment by DH

You obviously wrote this post early because I can’t believe you would miss going on about Forest beating Arsenal.

Comment by DH

Brilliant result for your team Robert. They looked good.

Comment by George

You bet they did.

Now if they could only play like that against Burton Albion on a wet Tuesday night …


Comment by Rob

Best thing to come from Nottingham since Robin Hood.

Comment by DH

the return of this bollocks makes me want trump to push his big nuclear button. just make sure you aim the nukes at manhattan fucking beach.

Comment by andy@cynic

Welcome back Robert.
Following your holiday exploits, it appears you had a fun and memorable time.

Comment by George

It was immense matey. Loved it and am was so sad it was over and Paul and Shelly went back home. That said, we ate so much in their 11 days here, my stomach hopes we are never together again for the rest of its life.

Comment by Rob

Have a look at the videos be made on instagram. It will violate you.

Comment by DH

I did but I am pretending I didn’t.

Comment by George

same shit different logo

Comment by Email Supplied

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