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Welcome To Australia, Please Put Your Watches Back 20 Years …

Before I begin, this is not Australia bashing week.

I know I wrote something about the place yesterday, but this is entirely coincidental.

Besides, laughing at the misguided taste of an Australian government department is not the same as laughing at the entire nation.

A nation where my wife originates.

A nation that my son holds a passport from.

A nation where I am classed as a permanent resident. For tax reasons. [Bastards]

OK? Good … so I will now begin.

Cynic stopped being a legal entity in 2010.

We had a great run and had a great time, but opportunities meant we wanted to explore other paths in life.

While we kept the website up, it was for nostalgia purposes rather than any belief we would one day restart it again.

Besides, legally we wouldn’t be able to do that because the name – and all property of it – belongs to someone else now.

So imagine my surprise when I received this …

Yep, seven years after putting the shutters up, an Australian award group have recognised our brilliance. Or something.

Of course it’s bound to be a scam because business situation aside, the website is very dated and so to be nominated for anything other than ‘website best maintained in mothballs’ there’s no way we should be on any list.

But of course I’ve accepted the offer because I am very keen to see how far this goes.

I appreciate competition is tough these days … but I am astounded how many emails/letters I get from companies that have obviously done no due diligence. The amount of companies who write to me without realising I’m based in China is amazing.

Let’s be honest, if these companies can’t get their basic information right, then why would I believe they could do a good job for me?

Given the importance of reputation, I am shocked how many organisations don’t seem to give a shit about it. And I appreciate that’s saying something coming from me and my Birkenstocks.

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the big news is the aussie fuckers have finally got the internet.

Comment by andy@cynic

no fucking surprise the competition scam fucks think the cynic site is good, have you seen their fucking logo.

Comment by andy@cynic

Could be worse. Could be in impact.

Comment by DH

I am choosing to ignore that comment Dave, despite the fact by commenting, I’m showing that I’m not. Damnit.

Comment by Rob

Clearly they recognise that cynic’s performance over the last twelve months shows it to be on a stellar upward curve.

Comment by John

To be fair, cynic was probably still more profitable – or at least, lost less cash – in the last 12 months than a lot of agencies.

Comment by Rob

Boringe was the best thing on that website.

Comment by DH

another fucking thing we had stolen from us. fucking establishment.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

Not the illuminati, but the Oxford English Dictionary people. Maybe we should try again given the amount of rubbish they have now included in their new editions.

Comment by Rob

the oed are worse than fucking tory mps.

Comment by andy@cynic

I still like what we wrote on the cynic site, but it definitely would require major plastic surgery if it wanted to play in the present. I am intrigued to know what attributes of the site are deemed worthy of award nomination.

Comment by George

The awards are sponsored by Ansett.

Comment by Ian Gee


With Dick Smiths as a secondary sponsor.

Comment by Rob

I AM curious about what’s going to happen next, but mostly to see who fell for this!
Imagine the award starting to show up on companies websites!! Could be a great filter: any company who won a Australia award. Out!


Comment by JC

it fucking pisses me off you turn off comments when you write about your mum or dad. so take my fucking hug through this fucked up post on a shit australian website instead.

Comment by andy@cynic

A beautiful and honest post Robert.
We are all thinking of you today.

Comment by George

Don’t feel guilty about anything Rob. You are showing others how being open with feelings of love and loss will help them through the worst times.

Comment by DH

FTW Rob.. FTW….. 😛

Comment by Freeman

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