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Just Shut It …

First of all I don’t know if this is true.

I’ve enquired, but I’ve not had a definitive answer yet.

I hope to god it is though.

Not just because Kanye West does my bloody head in … not just because NIKE are my client and pay my mortgage … but because in a World where brands fold at the merest hint they’ve upset someone with something they’ve said/done, it’s a welcome relief to see one stand up for themselves, regardless of the implication.

So Kanye and NIKE have some history.

It culminated with Kanye going to work with Adidas and despite the fact he’s done very well out of that collaboration, he never misses a chance to act like a spoilt child towards NIKE.

Recently, at the ridiculous launch party of his new album he [allegedly] tweeted this:

Minutes later, it is alleged NIKE responded with this:

Now some people would say NIKE should have kept quiet.

That opening their mouth took them didn’t just take them down to Kanye’s level, but potentially alienated millions of people.

But I have a very different point of view.

I think it’s awesome they defended themselves.

I think the way they [allegedly] did it was bloody wonderful.

Sure, some may see it as petty, but I see it as cheeky and mischievous and as I’ve written before, I think those traits are incredibly undervalued by brands in terms of their commercial appeal and value.

And I think it’s as likely to attract millions of people rather than alienate.

Hell, if I didn’t wear Birkenstocks, I’d have rushed out and bought a whole bunch of NIKE’s stuff to congratulate them on such an epic smackdown.

But I also know if I did that I may harm the companies reputation far more than some childish chants by Mr Kardashian.

So well done NIKE, I am just praying it wasn’t some [early] April Fools joke.

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Mortgages plural.

Comment by john

no doddsy, the rest of his empire he paid with fucking cash. probably.

Comment by andy@cynic

campbell. winner of corporate fucking toadie 2016.

Comment by andy@cynic

i dont know why youre fucking doubting its legitimacy, its got you written all fucking over it.

Comment by andy@cynic

It certainly is sarcastic enough.

Comment by DH

On the other hand, it happened “minutes later “…

Comment by john

I know what you’re saying John. If I was behind it, it would have appeared about 4 years later. Sadly that is entirely accurate.

Comment by Rob

Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if you worked in another industry then I realise advertising is the only thing that would let you get away with what you do. More proof of how far the industry has fallen.

Comment by DH

at least if campbell worked in banking hed make sure none of those evil fuckers got 7 figure bonuses ever again. hed take it all for himself.

Comment by andy@cynic

Please let it be true. Best ad for Nike in ages. ; )

Comment by Pete

best comment youve ever fucking written.

Comment by andy@cynic

Oh we have something coming out that I know you’re going to like. And if you don’t, then you are dead to me.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Pete

Nike cars, must be

Comment by northern

They would be like the cars in the Flintstones … so you could pose like a rockstar but you’d have to move them by your own steam.

Get fit while looking flashy. Now that’s Cannes platinum if I ever saw it. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

Didn’t someone at Wieden tell Kanye he might have more luck getting Zuckerberg to give him money if he used Facebook to send out his request rather than Twitter?
Did I read that or have I just been self brilliant? I assume I must have read it.

Comment by George

You definitely must have read it.

Comment by DH

Yes, that’s true. Stalker.

Comment by Rob

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