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Supermarkets Have Gone Bananas …
February 23, 2016, 6:15 am
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So recently I was walking through the local supermarket when I saw this …

Yep, that’s how they decided to present their bananas.

And the weird thing is, as ridiculous as it looks, it worked.

Now you could rightfully say this says more about my idiocy than their brilliance, but as I’ve said many times before, supermarkets have more insight into how people think and behave than pretty much every planner put together.

And what’s even better is that unlike a lot of planners, they don’t try and turn their insight into a ‘logical solution’, they embrace the madness because they know that as much as people may claim to make sensible decisions, they know deep down, they absolutely don’t.

To prove the point, I went in to buy some bin liners but came out with this …

… proving a man with a credit card and a deep sense of nostalgia is the best supermarket customer in the World.

So to any young planners out there, if you want to learn how to do your job better, don’t follow planner blogs or read planner books, go out and talk to a supermarket designer, because apart from knowing more than the rest of us, they won’t draw a ‘brand onion’ in a million years.

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I think there is something more bananas than supermarkets Rob and it is not just your choice of purchased produce. Was the caramel bar still like eating cardboard and wood chippings?

Comment by Pete

Yes, that’s the one Pete. Its packaging tempts you with promises of wonderful only to smack you in the teeth by giving you wood shavings and polystyrene chips.

Comment by Rob

Like a wonderbra.

Comment by Billy Whizz

At least there’s something worth enjoying when you’ve unwrapped the wonderbra.

Comment by DH

well done on lowering the fucking tone of this shithole dave. this is supposed to be a family blog dont you fucking know.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m guessing you use the vinegar to wash it all down with.

Comment by DH

Don’t diss malt vinegar, it’s one of the greatest things ever.

Comment by Rob

On the positive, going into a shop and not buying a wifi gadget is a step in the right direction for you Rob. So is stepping into a shop without any wifi gadgets. Are you sure you are OK?

Comment by DH

hes fucking changed. for the worse.

Comment by andy@cynic

isnt that caramel bar some french shit? eating that doesnt make you sophisticated campbell, it just makes you a fucking food terrorist.

Comment by andy@cynic

Isn’t it a British bar? It would explain the woodchip flavour.

Comment by George

fucking traitor. youll be supporting that fat fuck trump next.

Comment by andy@cynic

They’re Scottish, which also explains everything.

Comment by Pete

fucking does. only thing with any taste in jockland is ironbru but that gives you more of a buzz than 10 kilos of fucking crack.

Comment by andy@cynic

Posh chip shop vinegar. Show off.

Comment by George

Don’t give me that …

I still find it amazing Americans and Aussies think we’re weird for putting vinegar on our chips. But then they call them fries so what the hell do they know about anything?

Comment by Rob

Trouble is that supermarket appears to have zero footfall. Muvh like this post.

Comment by john

Tunnock McNulty.

Comment by Chris

Looks like Cityshop.

Famous for – as Jezza would say – “The most expensive imported groceries … IN THE WOOOORLD!”

Comment by Ian Gee

Shows you haven’t been here for a while Ian because there’s loads more that are now more expensive. Cityshop is like the SPAR of China … especially in terms of the quality of food they try and flog you. Fortunately, being from Nottingham, I’m not so choosy.

Comment by Rob

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