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If You Thought Donald Trump Was A Moron, You’ve Not Met Dean Dacko …
September 23, 2015, 6:15 am
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This is old news.

So old that the marketing director it relates to – the Dean Dacko in the title of this post – has since left the company.

When you read what he said, you will think that may be the first smart thing he did.

I should point out there is a chance his comments were taken out of context. Only he – and the journalist who recorded the conversation – will ever know.

However, even if they were, I can’t imagine a scenario where someone could ever see ‘the brand benefits’ of 2 airlines going down, killing hundreds of innocent lives.

Yes folks, I’m talking about Malaysian Airlines and the response the [ex] marketing director, Dean Dacko, gave when asked ’should you change your brand name’.


“Prior to MH370, globally Malaysia Airlines’ brand awareness was in the low single digits. But after MH370 and MH17 it is 86 per cent worldwide. The name is now in the range of Coke and Pepsi.

That kind of awareness takes decades and billions of dollars in investment to build. To abandon that, from a commercial marketing perspective, would be a tragically bad mistake to make.”


Yes, he really said that.


Can you believe it?

I swear to god, even the most stupid person who lives in Stupid Avenue, Stupidsville would know that was a ridiculous – not to mention tasteless – statement to make.

Imagine how that makes the poor families of the lost ones feel.

Or the loyal employees of Malaysian Airlines.

Or the people of Malaysia, a nation full of wonderfully warm and compassionate people.

And this guy is from Canada … a place that is supposed to make labrador puppies look dangerous.

The fact he wasn’t fired the second he made this comment literally blows my mind.

I have no idea where he will turn up next, but if a brand suddenly starts poisoning their customers or committing genocide, I’ll have a good guess about who was behind it.

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No. No one could be that stupid and insensitive. This can’t be true.

Comment by DH

That’s what I thought. But apparently it is.

Comment by Rob

If it’s true, he shouldn’t be sacked, he should be arrested. Or made to say those words in front of people who lost family members.

Comment by DH

ive dealt with fuckwit clients before but this takes the fucking biscuit. hes even more shit for brains than a planner. thats how stupid this twat really is.

Comment by andy@cynic

and you dont think trump is a moron, he is a moron and theres millions of moron yanks who seem to fucking love him and believe him. fucking morons.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes. Did you see that poster that said, “God loves Donald Trump”? Proof there is no such thing as God.

Comment by Rob

Maybe he’s gone to work at TBWA because they think disruption is the answer to everything, regardless whether the awareness growth comes from positive association or not. What an idiot.

Comment by Pete

Wow. Just wow.

Comment by George

Malaysian Airlines are a good airline. The last thing they need is this sort of statement from someone inside the company. Out of context or not, it’s still an idiotic comment to make.

Comment by Lee Hill

So you’re not hiring him then Lee?

Comment by DH

In that whole interview, he never once refers to the passengers and crew who died. You’d have thought that he’d have prefaced every answer with that rather than drone on about processes that even marketers don’t care about.

Comment by John

I know. It’s amazing in every terrible way possible.

Comment by Rob

How will he ever get employed again?

Comment by Bazza

“Never before has any brand or story captured so many people’s imagination”.

He’s not heard of the Titanic then?

Comment by Ian Gee

What a horrible man.

Comment by Jemma King

i know he is jem but the fucker keeps writing his shit and we keep commenting on it.

Comment by andy@cynic

There are actually people in the world who never listen to themselves, and have no sense of self-monitoring their own
Im surprised he didnt suggest bombing the hell out of the next plane up, just to raise the points a bit more…

What’s really scary, is how quickly Trump turned on the charm and now has the entire country, news media and all, polishing his shoes in unbridled admiration. At this point, I may have to vote for Joe Biden as the best of the litter. Or Jeb. (shudder)

Comment by judyt54

[…] win second because let’s not forget the Malaysian Airline ex-Marketing Director who discussed the brand benefits of 2 airlines crashing, killing hundreds of innocent […]

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