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Today May Be The Best Day Of My Planning Career …
September 22, 2015, 6:15 am
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At 5pm tonight, Shanghai time, Nick Finney – one of our wonderful and talented creatives – will be getting a perm.

Not just any perm, but a 2 minute noodle/poodlesque type perm.

He’s not doing it because he has no taste.

He’s not doing it because he has a desire to look like Brian May.

He’s doing it because I talked him into it.

OK, so I am paying for it to get done, but it’s still amazing.

I genuinely believe it may be one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I’ve actually already written it in my resume. I’m not even joking.

So wherever you are, please spare a thought for Nick … because today is the day that he walks away from ever getting laid again.

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The old Rob is back. That’s all the world needs.

Comment by Bazza

I still remember when he got you to go to a fancy dress party that wasn’t fancy dress. Evil, but genius.

Comment by DH

i still wish campbell had told him it was a star wars party so he would have come as a fucking ewok.

Comment by andy@cynic

I wish I could forget.

Comment by Bazza

That was my 4th greatest achievement.

Comment by Rob

So much for creatives being smart.

Comment by DH

You know you are demonstrating sociopath behavior Rob. And Nick is demonstrating stupidity and misplaced trust.

Comment by Pete

trusting campbell is like knocking on jeffrey dahmers door and thinking youll get out unfuckingscathed.

Comment by andy@cynic

Trying to impose your will on a creative? What insights can we draw from this?

Comment by John

another fucking life ruined at your hands campbell. at least its not mine again so carry the fuck on.

Comment by andy@cynic

I can’t get my daughters to go to bed and you can make an adult have a ridiculous perm. Thanks for making me feel a parenting failure Robert.

Comment by George

I’m here to help George.

Comment by Rob

You have an interesting take on “help”.

Comment by George

Dear Otis.
Follow your mothers lead, not your fathers.

Comment by Lee Hill

Well? Did he go through with it?

Comment by DH

It was a debacle. The salon thought they were being asked to braid his hair. And all concerned let this happen! You couldn’t make it up.

Comment by John

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