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The Relentless Work Ethic Of China …
May 1, 2014, 6:30 am
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So as you may have worked out by the contrast between post title and picture, I’m on holiday.


I could give you a bunch of excuses.

I could tell you this has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the Government.

I could remind you that you had Easter off and I didn’t.

I could blather on about how I really did think I wasn’t going to have any more holidays for 5 months.

I could go on about how I’ll still have to do some work, even though I’m supposed to be doing nothing.

But it wouldn’t matter.

You’ll still crucify me.

So instead, I’ll just tell you this blog is closed till Monday and let you either:

1. Bitch.

2. Whine.

3. Party.

However, before you do that, check this out … not just because it’s something unlike you will have ever seen, but because something tells me that after you’ve seen it, you’ll be too speechless to give me any shit.

Are you OK?

Do you need to sit down?

Do you need a brown paper bag to breathe into?

Well, as much as that will have fucked with your mind, how will you react when I tell you it was made in 2004 … for the Athens Olympics … by Panasonic.

No, I’m not joking.

No, I don’t know why or how either.

And with that news, I’ll let you watch it again and try and work it out.

Bye …


PS: I assume the planner behind this was this guy. It can be the only explanation.

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You just burned my eyes, brought up dinner, and forced the opening of another beer!

Comment by Notes To Ponder

Just pay me $50k and we’ll call it quits with all your holidays.

Comment by DH

I am not paying you anything – if anyone owes you the money it’s the Chinese Government who are behind me having all these holidays.

Oh yes they are. Regardless what they say.

Comment by Roberto

That video is what I imagine goes on inside your head. Twisted.

Comment by DH

Check your spam folder because I’ve left a ton of comments and they haven’t appeared. I only tried again when I saw notes words and it seems to work now so sort your blog out.

Comment by DH

Yes, it’s all gone a bit mad as I can only comment under the name Roberto again. On the positive, having less abusive comments might be a good thing. Ha.

Comment by Roberto

Fewer abusive comments maybe, but a post like this is never going to generate less abusive comments.

Comment by A pedant.

I don’t know whether my eyes or my brain hurts the most after that video. It may also be the news you are on another holiday.

Comment by Pete

I had also left a comment earlier that didn’t appear.

Comment by Pete

Yep, WordPress have decided to get some taste and ban all the comments.

Comment by Roberto

The most astonishing thing about that video is that somebody signed off on the production budget. What were they smoking?

Comment by Ian Gee

Whatever it was, it’s something the drug cartels should be finding out because it seems the most incredibly powerful stuff ever created.

Comment by Roberto

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