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All The Matters Today Is …
November 1, 2013, 6:10 am
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… knowing that on Sunday, my Mum hits 81.


Last year we took her to the top of the planet so she could see the Northern Lights. This year we’re going to take her to NYC so she can see Americans eating hotdogs.

The fact she still has a desire to try things and experience things at her age is amazing.

Sure, she has slowed down from the frenetic pace of old, but she still wants to be a participant in life rather than just an observer – which is something we should all follow. Especially planners.

Talking of planning [nice segue eh!?] I was recently asked to write a little piece in Campaign Magazine.

I know … I know … why would they do such a thing … but because I didn’t want to look an even bigger fool, I decided to write about my Mum.

Yes, my Mum.

Not just because she’s awesome and I love her, but because she taught me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever had in doing my job.

I know, is there no end to her abilities?

So while it’s a bit early, I want to say a big Happy Birthday to my Mum.

I love you very much and while I only saw you a few weeks ago, it feels too long already.

Speak very soon Mum and I hope you have a special day. You deserve to, because you’re the very, very best.


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happy birthday mrs c. sorry your son exploits your loveliness for his own benefit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Happy birthday Mrs Campbell. When you come to the big a, the drinks are on me. Your drinks, not your sons. You look great for your age which is even more amazing when you consider the stress it must be having Rob as your son. Make sure he spoils you and have a great day on Sunday.

Comment by DH

Mrs C has done nothing to you, why would you make her life harder by making her have drinks with you. Sick bastard.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Happy bday Mrs C. Make Rob pay like he has made us all pay.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Many happy returns for Sunday Mrs Campbell. I know Robert will spoil you and you deserve it.

Comment by George

Best wishes for Sunday Mrs Campbell.

Comment by Lee Hill

Happy, happy birthday from all of us. Maybe one day you will share your skin care routine because you look luminous. Enjoy your day.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Happy birthday Mrs Campbell.

Comment by Pete

Having read the article, Rob owes even more of his success to your influence Mrs Campbell.

Comment by Pete

Yes … yes … we all know I’d be nothing without my Mum. Both physically and figuratively. Can you stop using her birthday as an excuse to attack me. No, I didn’t think so.

Comment by Rob

Happy birthday Mrs C. Enjoy NY – forget the hotdogs, the pizza is the best in the world.

Comment by John

Birthday kisses Mrs C

Jemma xxx

Comment by Jemma King

Jem!!! How are you lovely. I’m in NYC soon, will you be around, it would be fantastic to see you.

Comment by Rob

when campbell. i need to get the fuck out.

Comment by andy@cynic

Consider it your early Christmas present surprise.

Comment by Rob

Happy birthday Mrs C, and after the pizza and hotdogs, but before drinks with Dave, try the frozen hot chocolate..

Comment by niko

Happy birthday Mrs C.
The iPad Air would make a great present.

Comment by Bazza

Exploiter. Besides, she already is iPadded up. No thanks to you. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Happy Birthday Mrs Campbell

Comment by northern

Happy bday Mrs Campbell! Best day of the year to be born!

Comment by rafik

Anniversial felicitations, Mrs C.

Comment by Chris

todays the day mrs c. hope campbell jnr got you a horse drawn carriage to take you to a very expensive lunch. no swearing from me in this comment. thats how much i respect you and how little i respect every other bastard on here.

bastard is a technical term, its not swearing.

Comment by andy@cynic

THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO EVERYBODY for your good wishes and thoughts on yet another birthday!
I am sorry that every year you are ‘forced’ to look at my photo and read about how wonderful Robert believes I am, but then, I forgive him for doing so because I love him very much.
I end by saying to Andy that I have had a hearty laugh reading his message, especially enjoying the explanation he gave to prove that he had not used a swear-word!
Fiorella x


Comment by Fiorella Campbell

we all know how good you are mrs c, its your boy we have doubts about. to still love him after all the mayhem he has caused makes you a saint. patron saint of patience and forgiveness.

Comment by andy@cynic

Saint too good for Rob.

Comment by DH

Belated Happy Birthday Mrs. C!

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

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