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Dr Seuss Talks Some Shit …
August 7, 2012, 6:13 am
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Everyone loves Dr Seuss don’t they.




Even bloody businessmen.

One of histories ugliest children’s characters has somehow elevated himself into a position of being societies all-seeing, all-knowing knowledge bank and teacher.

Yoda must be fucking livid.

I can understand why children and their parents like Dr Seuss but I have to say I find the fact the business community have re-embraced the long limbed feline, bizarre.

Actually, it’s worse than that, it’s frightening.

I know it sounds like some terrible plot from a Nickelodeon show, but there really are some corporations – some billion dollar corporations – who make a big deal about what Dr Seuss can teach them about being successful.

Seriously, is that what the business community have come to?

Needing to be taught common fucking sense by a character from a children’s book?

But that aside, there’s a counter point of view to all this ‘common sense’ being banded about.

Take “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”

On one hand I appreciate it’s saying how important it is to look at opportunities with a positive frame of mind because sometimes the fear of failure or loss makes us not try stuff … but what the hell is wrong with crying?

Crying is good.

We spend so much time in a bubble of fakedom, that crying gives our other emotions a workout … emotions that keep us human, teach us stuff, give us clarity and generally help us realise what is really important in life.

Besides, as much as I’d like to pretend I am mature and sophisticated – I’d be pretty pissed off if my wife announced she was leaving me and smiled because overall, “the experience had been pretty good”.

I’d want her to cry.

I’d want her to be devastated.

Giving me a smile and saying ‘it was fun’ wouldn’t make me feel good – it would be like rubbing salt in the wound.

Dr Seuss is – in my opinion – a great example of what is wrong with society these days.

Everyone and everything seems to say we should be focusing on the future, being sensible, not having regrets … well fuck that.

Some of the best things humanity can do is doing the complete opposite of the Seuss sentiments.

I’d rather have a life full of regrets than live a life full of sensible decisions.

I’d rather be stupid with love than have relationships that feel cold and inhuman.

I’d rather treasure what I’ve got than chase what I can’t have.

Life isn’t about being sensible and it shouldn’t be.

People are human, not robots which means we live and act on our emotions, not a circuit board where every eventuality has a pre-calculated response.

Laughter … tears … screams and stupidity are easily as valuable as smiles, politeness, calmness and common sense and anyone who says otherwise needs to get out more.

Or have a good kicking.

Smile because it happened?

Why don’t you fuck off Dr Seuss and keep your opinions to yourself.

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Pissing and dissing on an icon.

Andy would love this post, even if you go Oprahish in the middle.

Comment by DH

Without Andy, this blog is pointless. Why does he have to see his family anyway? Aren’t we his family?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Some are. Others are like ginger cousins five times removed that have come to stay because the parents “need some time alone”.

Comment by DH

That sounds familiar.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Issue an alert. Campbell’s definitely going oprah in this post.

Comment by Billy Whizz

That’s why I wrote it …

I know he won’t know I’ve ever written it, but knowing it’s a topic he’d of loved to have weighed in on – but couldn’t – gives me a nice, warm feeling.

Comment by Rob

I hope he doesn’t read your comment. For your health insurances sake.

Comment by DH

Jill would definitely be crying if she left you. Not sure if they’d be tears of sadness or laughter, but she’d definitely be crying.

Comment by DH

She probably cries every morning when she wakes up and sees what’s next to her. Just the thought of it makes me shit myself. And not in a good way.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Not in a good way? Interesting Dave … interesting …

Comment by Rob

If Bush was still president, this post would get you a big can of whoop ass on your ass. I don’t know what that means but it sounds fucked up.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Thank you for shitting all over the philosophy of one of my greatest childhood influences. It was very sweet of you.

But you’re right. Too much attention is paid to a positive mindset above all else. If everything is positive, it becomes valueless and has no meaning. Like you, I’d rather cry and take those situations for what they are rather than try to instill a false positive spin.

Comment by Alex

It’s apparently what I do Alex.

Comment by Rob

This is a surreal post even for you Robert.

I do understand your point but there is an opposite point of view that also seems to be promoted, especially by US television and that’s of over exaggerated emotion.

Now days, crying won’t do, you have to go in to hysterics, falling to your knees, sobbing uncontrollably. With that situation, I welcome a bit of Dr Seuss common sense positivity.

I do get your point though, especially im relation to business adoptin Dr Seuss as some sort of guru.

I will nervously await your character assassination of Sooty & Sweep, Paddington Bear and Scooby Doo.

Comment by Pete

What the fuck is “sooty and sweep”?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Limey kids show about a chimney cleaning duo?

Comment by Billy Whizz

I know Robert attacked one of your cultural icons, but no one can attack Sooty & Sweep Billy. Consider this a friendly warning.

Comment by George

I’m on the side of anyone who threatens Billy.

Comment by DH

I’ve just googled sooty and sweep and they’re puppets. You are pissed at me over some puppets. No wonder england is a spent force.

Comment by Billy Whizz

They are not puppets Billy, so mind your manners.

Comment by Rob

Dear god don’t go near Sooty and Sweep. Dissing those two to me is like telling Andy planners are better creatives than creatives.


Comment by Rob Mortimer (Not a fake Andy)

I’ve never read a word of Dr Seuss but I’m renowned for my positivity.

Comment by John

Wait. Aren’t you Dr Seuss?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Aren’t you the girl with the dragon tattoo?

Comment by John

Owned by Dodds.

Comment by DH

If I was a shareholder in a company that advocated following the advice of a children’s storybook character, I wouldn’t be a shareholder for long. Whether that’s because I would sell my shares or they would cease trading is yet to be decided.

Comment by George

What about Ayn Rand?

Comment by John

What you mean is if Mary told you to be a shareholder in a company that advocated following the advice of a children’s storybook character, you wouldn’t be a shareholder for long. Whether that’s because Mary told you to sell your shares or because they would cease trading is yet to be decided.

Comment by Rob


Comment by DH

If a company needs reminding to practice common sense then they didn’t have any to begin with.

Comment by Lee Hill

Been said before, but it appears the older you get or the more corporate your position, the more common sense isn’t so common.

Comment by Pete

You’re not counted in that view of course Lee.

Comment by Pete

Bang goes your upgrade allowance.

Comment by Rob

We don’t talk anymore.

Comment by Marcus

Stop showing off.

Comment by DH


Comment by Marcus

I’d rather regret doing something than I would regret not having done it.

I think the Dr Seuss approach is a positive one for many people, but it’s dangerous for businesses.

Comment by Rob Mortimer (Not a fake Andy)

I still would trust a cat in a hat more than I would a banker in a tie.

Comment by Bazza

I’d trust a banker in a tie more than a planner in a queen t.

Comment by Billy Whizz


Comment by Rob Mortimer (Not a fake Andy)

Other people seem to have similar opinions. I read this yesterday:

A little pragmatism goes a long way.

Comment by kpr

Great article.

Comment by Pete

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