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Came. Saw. Left Bloody Sharpish …
August 6, 2012, 6:20 am
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So after 2 weeks, Heather’s gone on to the next chapter of her adventure.

To be honest, I don’t know what she made of it.

It was certainly enjoyable to have her here … she’s full of energy, ideas and questions … but I still have that nagging fear we didn’t give her what she was looking for.

We talked a lot.

We covered a lot of ground and she was very generous with her knowledge and experience … including how some people need to get out more because they’re slowly going mad … but I just don’t know if she is walking away with the experience she was looking for.

That said, we certainly exposed her to some of the weird and wonderful elements of China, including this pre-conference ‘entertainment’ that occurred just before I got up to speak.

[And yes – the karaoke opera singer was better than me and better received than me]

What I hope is that she goes away thinking this part of the World is wonderfully mad but full of promise and potential.

While it might not yet have the ‘creative cred’ of cities like London or NYC, I don’t know if they really have them anymore either … I mean, have you seen the majority of the work coming out of those ‘creative hubs’?

Without doubt, the overall standard of work out here is lower than many in the West, but the potential to do things that can affect culture on a massive scale dwarfs most of the established ‘advertising cities’ put together.

As I said in my post when Heather arrived, my main reason for doing this was the hope the experience captivates, intrigues, excites and challenges her so when she gets round to writing her book about this whole wonderful adventure, she encourages planners to venture – physically, or at the very least, mentally – beyond their own shores.

I don’t know if we have achieved that, but what I do know is we’re better off for the experience of having had her here for a couple of weeks.

Thanks Heather. Safe travels.

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I know you’re not ccomforatble with brevity, but embedding your entire You Tube channel takes the biscuit.

Comment by John

Not as much brevity as watching them all.

Comment by DH

Madness indeed.

Comment by John

You didn’t get to shag her then?
But you did “Talk a lot!”
Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker

Comment by George Parker

No woman has that much bad taste. Except Rob’s wife.

Comment by DH

She came to China to spend time with Rob, so her sanity is questionable.

Comment by Billy Whizz

But not as much as Jill’s.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Sorry George … apart from the fact Heather is too smart for any of those shenanigans, I actually love my wife … almost [she would say] as I love talking. Ha!

Comment by Rob

She’s in a mental hospital now isn’t she.

So am I after that wedding opera karaoke crazy.

Comment by DH

I know Dave … how mad was it. Worse, how mad was it for me to have to follow the bloody thing!

Comment by Rob

Sounds like you both got something out of Heather’s visit. Your point about NYC or London being cities of creative credibility is interesting. Do you think that will always be the case or will people start regarding places like Palo Alto as being more influential over time?

Comment by Bazza

Not by people in advertising. They only have a map for their little bubble.

Comment by Pete

I agree with Pete, I don’t think the majority of adland will ever think outside of the usual geographical locations – even though the role and impact of ‘creativity’ has evolved way beyond their mindset.

Comment by Rob

Is that video real or am I tripping?

Comment by Billy Whizz

That video is surreal. Do you know when we can expect Heather’s book to hit the kindle shelves?

Comment by Pete

Nope. But that’s because she hasn’t started reading it yet – she’s just amassing the material, even if my role in it will be under a chapter probably entitled, “Comedy Relief”.

Comment by Rob

“You love your wife!” “YOU LOVE YOUR WIFE!” Don’t you realize that’s a dead giveaway that you are banging the lady in the production dept?

Comment by George Parker

OK then, I HATE my wife. Is that better?

What a twisted world you live in. Besides, you haven’t seen the people in our production department. Faces like dropped pies, the lot of them.

Comment by Rob

Politically correct as usual Robert.

Comment by George

I mean about your colleagues. We know you love Jill. Who wouldn’t be madly in love with someone so wonderful, beautiful and out of their league?

Comment by George

The bigger question is what constitutes “creative cred” these days?

Comment by George

well what you have said certainly cements in my mind that my next stop should be that side… been having a lil voice in my head whispering “singapore” for a few years now. I guess as soon as I get too comfortable I will pull up sticks

Comment by Matthew Scott (@elrolio)

Singapore? SINGAPORE? You and Singapore don’t go together. You and Shanghai most certainly do.

Comment by Rob

I’m sure she got lots out of it.
What that might be is anybody’s guess

Comment by northern

Never work with Rob again would be my guess.

Comment by DH

I’m sure Heather had a great time and got loads out of it. You can’t get out of that city learning nothing anyways …

You’ve certainly promoted the region among interested planning types, that much I can say. And you promoted the fact that things are or should be done very different here.

This doesn’t mean that agencies in Asia don’t value ‘standard’ advertising experience in one of the hubs you just mentioned. (Maybe because it promises a smooth and reliable running of the typical ad process in that cities. Maybe because it produces better work. For sure for other reasons I have no idea of …)

Anyways, it might be a good sign for the market (not me, ha) after all that Mandarin is becoming increasingly mandatory – at least for not very senior people.

Comment by Thomas

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