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A Word Of Thanks …
November 2, 2010, 6:18 am
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So last week I asked for your help with a couple of experiments [here and here] and I just wanted to say a big ‘ta’ for the contributions.

The China thing is proving to be particularly interesting – because whilst I still have a shitload of pics to wade through – the initial findings are that those of you who don’t live in China and have never visited the place are sending photos that are obviously heavily influenced by the picture painted by international media [either unsophisticated or controlling] whereas those who are based here focus on elements that either frustrate or amaze them.

In short, those outside the country have a bigger picture view than those in the place.

I suppose I shouldn’t be so amazed at that, but I am … but as I said, it’s still early days, and what I’ve said is a very general overview because there are some exceptions to what I’ve just described and there’s still a few hundred pics for me to go through.

Thanks for this … I’ll be calling upon your help again in a few months because I’m interested in tracking the local/international perceptions of the place, and whilst this is in no way scientific, it gives a pretty powerful ‘at-a-glance’ impression which is already better than GREY’s ‘EYE ON ASIA’ propoganda.

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who do we send our invoices to?

fuck it, my hearts not in it. see you saturday rob.

Comment by andy@cynic

With you on that.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Feel the same Andy.

Rob. When you’ve gone through all your photos, please let us know the results, it sounds very interesting, even more so if you will be tracking it over time.

Comment by Pete

Yeah – we’re all feeling a bit shit aren’t we. But that’s nothing compared to our friend.

Anyway yes I will talk more about the results as I get them – so far it’s proving to be very interesting though I also appreciate exercises like this one are evaluated very much by the opinion of the beholder.

Still, as a perception collage, it’s proving to be quite interesting and the divide between those who live in China and those who’ve never been is very dramatic.

Comment by Rob

I look forward to following this Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

Better keep it up then eh!

Comment by Rob

Sad times.

Comment by Marcus


Comment by Rob

Apologies for only getting round to one of those.
I’m thinking of you folks in this sad week.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Some of my family lived under communist Romania so I don’t think China’s way of thinking would shock me. The food might do if it’s as awful as everyone makes it sound though…

Comment by andreea

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