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Never Forget Whose Left Behind …
September 16, 2010, 6:20 am
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This is a bit of a weird post so I apologise in advance.

It came about because tomorrow would be my Dad’s 72nd birthday and whilst that means it is understandable my mind is focused on him, it made me wonder whether I am giving my Mum enough attention.

I love my Mum, she is wonderful in every way possible.

I’ve written about her love, support and energy for life many, many times … but as I was about to pen something about my Dad, it dawned on me that maybe since he passed away, I’ve not given her enough attention.

I’d like to think I have … I talk to her all the time and tell her how much I love her … but the reality is that as much as the screaming child gets the attention, the missing parent sometimes gets too much of the focus.

I am a byproduct of 2 people. Two wonderful, loving, kind, supportive, long-suffering people.

I could not of asked or wished for better parents or a better upbringing … and whilst we both miss my Dad as much today as we did on that fateful January morning 11 years ago, I am incredibly fortunate to have my brilliant Mum to turn to and talk to and I never want her to feel otherwise.

Love you Mum.


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you bastard campbell. how am i supposed to slag you off when you write a post about your mum and make it a sweet bastard post at that.

you might be a killjoy but youre a good man. almost as good as me who hasnt sworn once (not proper swearing) in this comment out of respect for your too good for you super sweet mum.

and by the way campbell, you have nothing to worry about, every tool on here can tell how much you love your parents and theres no favouritism going on mainly because there cant be, you lucked in with your parents like you lucked in riding on my pissing coat tails. youre the luckiest parasite around. bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

Just for thinking like that shows what a good man you are. You’ve just raised the bar on how I will judge my own parenting skills and after being involved in a major temper tantrum with all 3 of them regarding bath time, I think we have quite a lot of room for improvement.

Comment by George

are they complaining daddy is a stinky bastard again? shame on you.

Comment by andy@cynic

What Andy said.

Comment by John

Yep, what Andy said minus the swear words he doesn’t think are swear words but are really.

Comment by Pete

theyre not swear words in my book. then in my book theres no swear words.

Comment by andy@cynic

Linguistically I agree with Andy, but in terms of politeness I agree with Pete…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

A very sweet and loving post Robert. Your parents as lucky to have you as you are to have them. Hugs from all the girls.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Your swearing restraint is the ultimate demonstration of respect Andy so I know my Mum will be touched, even if in her book – like Pete – there’s still a few suspect words in there.

Thanks everyone for the nice words, as I said I hope I have not done what I am worried I might have done … but the point remains the same, never forget the ones left behind.

Comment by Rob

Excellent post Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

You’re a sweetie.

Jemma x

Comment by Jemma King

Lovely post Rob. I don’t think anyone that comes on here doubts that you hold your mom in the absolute, highest of highest regards.

Comment by rafik

Great post Rob.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Thanks Rob, don’t really need to say much else. So I won’t.

Comment by Sam

Excellent. Every time you post about your parents I miss mine more- 400 miles away isn’t that far I know, but every now and then it feels like the other side of the world

Comment by northern

There’s no doubting that your parents did a great job. Always nice to see posts like this, even if it does cause Andy to meltdown.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Someone once told me, ‘those who have passed on, live on in our memories’. And in posts like yours. George (6.48) is right, you’ve raised the bar here. Sublime.

Comment by harshal

Well said, Rob.

Comment by Chris

That’s very nice of you all … ta.

Comment by Rob

Thank you, Robert, for your lovely words and for the love and affection that you always show me even at such great distance. I hope to see you before too long.
Be happy with Jill and…Rosie.
All my love. Mum xxx

Comment by Fiorella

I’ll be calling you in a few seconds. Love you Mum.


Comment by Rob

he might call you a lot mrs c but i didnt swear in any of my comments, thats way more impressive so do i get any compliments? thought not. women.

Comment by andy@cynic

funny how you dont let comments on the posts you should and you let comments on all the bastards you shouldnt but saw todays and its as good 2nd time round as the first. ill be raising a big glass to roger and wishing him a happy birthday and a slither of thanks for helping bring his parasitic son into my life. look after yourself campbell and give your mum a hug from me.

Comment by andy@cynic

2nd day running I find myself saying “what Andy said”.

Comment by Pete

xx (for yesterday)

xx (for today)

Comment by lauren

This is for Andy. Your comment of today deserves a big compliment because of the sentiments you express so nicely and (almost) completely without your… favourite words. Thank you very much for that and for the hug.
Fiorella x

Comment by Fiorella

you are a special lady mrs c with more ability to spot effort and flair than your son. i hope today isnt too hard on you or rob.

Comment by andy@cynic

My dear Robert, I have just seen your sensitive and beautiful way of celebrating Dad’s birthday. It is absolutely Dad! It does not matter that you did the same last year: you must not add or change anything to the perfect way of remembering your beloved Dad. All my love. Mum xxx

Comment by Fiorella

And that – ladies & gentlemen – is why my Mum is so super.

Comment by Rob

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