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Choice Without Relevance Is Confusion …
April 29, 2010, 6:42 am
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A while ago I wrote about tourism campaigns and they were mainly pants.

I also casually mumbled some ideas that I felt would show how much a country can offer, without needing to cram an epileptic-fit-inducing number of montage shots in every 30” ad.

One of them was starting a cable television / Youtube channel that each day, talked in depth about a different element of the country.

The reason I liked it was because I felt it would not only give undeniable evidence that there’s lots to do in that country, but it would allow the culture and values of the place to shine through.

I’m not suggesting this was ground breaking thinking … it probably wasn’t even an original idea … but I’m glad to see the country that – for me – has the best international tourism campaign* had a similar idea, because they’ve recently launched a whole host of mini-movies where musicians [it was done for MTV Australia] explain what they love and why they love particular parts of NZ.

There’s quite a few, but for some reason, this one with Liam Finn [son of Crowded House singer Neil] made the biggest impression on me.

Of course NZ use many channels communicating many things … but they always incorporate 2 elements that I think should form the blueprint of any tourism campaign:

1/ The message is always tailored to the audience [based on a real understanding of why a particular group doesn’t come or doesn’t want to come to NZ]

2/ The tailored message is always expressed through the core brand idea

Sure they’ll run campaigns saying how cheap a flight is or, as was recently the case when they found Brits holidaying to Oz for the ‘trip of a lifetime’ perceived it too far to also consider visiting, how close it is [approx 180 minutes from Sydney] … but they’ll always make sure the idea of PURE is never lost or secondary to the message being communicated.

It might not be the fashion to talk about the importance of brand ideas, but I still think they play a vital role … as long as [1] you live up to it [2] it’s built on values, not just features and [3] you know what to do with it when you’ve got one.

Brands, planners and creatives should take note … and I don’t just mean those representing tourism accounts.

* I know Queensland’s ‘Best Job In The World’ campaign has received all the recent accolades, but as brilliant as that was, it was basically a one-off PR driven promotion whereas NZ’s 100% Pure, is a long-term brand building campaign.

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if you love nz so much ill buy you a ticket to visit. a one way fucking ticket.

this post is way too nice and sensible and maybe a teensy bit fucking useful and if it wasnt for the fact you put in a few kicks to the queensland stunt, i might just have slit my wrists to let all the nice and warm fucking feelings escape my body.

Comment by andy@cynic

I know why you like that video, because you’re almost 40.

“Go to NZ. Watch paint dry”

I never thought I’d say this, but your idea is better than the execution.

Comment by Billy Whizz

its not just because hes on the fucking cusp of 40, its because he relates to the beardy twat.

1. both are beardy twats.
2. both have parents more talented and succesful than them.
3. both like and play shit music.
4. both dress like tramps.
5. both get deep and meaningful over bollocks.

call me freud.

Comment by andy@cynic

And we both have seen Crowded House in concert … god, that is utterly depressing.

Comment by Rob

you forgot to add “100% pure boredom” to your nz proposition billy. we have to stay true to planner campbells rules for tourism campaigns dont we.

Comment by andy@cynic

I find your compliment – albeit a backhanded one – deeply alarming Billy. For both our sakes [1] don’t do it again and [2] let’s not mention it again.

Comment by Rob

I found a couple of the other videos in the series and they’re all very different reflecting the individual viewpoints and experiences of the hosts. I’m not the target market in age or location but even though the videos highlight different elements of NZ in a nice storytelling way, I don’t know whether a teen in Australia would look at them and think there’s that much difference to what they already have in their own backyard.

Like Billy, I prefer your concept but I do appreciate how strong the “100% Pure” campaign is, but it is coming from a category with a very low base.

And thank you for calling the “best job in the world” campaign for what it is. It’s a great PR idea that was a refreshing change from all the usual tourism communication spiel but it’s still a PR idea not a long term brand idea for the state of Queensland.

Comment by Pete

All fair points Pete … can’t really argue with that, though I’m sure if I went up to a Kiwi and said “you’re basically the same as Australia aren’t you” I’d get quite a few reasons why that wasn’t the case.

And a broken nose.

Comment by Rob

In totally unrelated news: I’ve just vomited on my dentist while I was having a check up. I’m not feeling very proud or happy or well … but that’s nothing compared to how he is.

Comment by Rob

this is the most useful thing youve ever fucking done. do you feel you might want to try something like it again? no, didnt think so you lazy fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

The denist episode is a welcome development in an otherwise drab planner post. Good morning.

Comment by Marcus

Yes. Sorry … don’t know what happened there.

Comment by Rob

Could vomiting become a regular feature?

It’s a natural evolution from using this blog to virtually throw up over all the people/ideas that make you feel sick. Maybe you could fly to Sydney and wallpaper Leo Burnett’s door with your special blend of carrot infused paint?

I like this post, it has practical and insightful advice that can really help planners make a difference to creative work but unfortunately for all your hard work, it gets completely overshadowed by the exciting potential of your vomit turn of events.

Get better soon but not too soon, you have people to “brand”.

Comment by DH

You’d better not open the door to me then Dave … just incase!

Comment by Rob

It doesn’t say much to me personally, he only slightly got me around the time where he shifted the dog manually and then went on to say it’s big but not so big to get wound up by big city living and all that but then he made it sound like it’s smack bang in the middle which contradicts the video feel of NZ being ‘quietly awesome’

He lost me on his manhood falls and all that I’m afraid..

Comment by andreea

Well I did say I didn’t know why I liked it … but as Dave points out below your comment, maybe Andy, Billy and Pete have the best explanation for my view.

Comment by Rob

He was obviously ill when he wrote it Andreea. Or maybe Billy, Andy and Pete are right. Probably a bit of both.

Comment by DH

Feeling better?

Comment by Marcus

You’ll be happy to know … no.

Who would you like me to vomit on next?

Parking Wardens … Tax Officers … Easy Jet Administrators?

Comment by Rob

Easy Jet everytime.

Comment by Marcus

Don’t worry – nausea is just due to fact that your digestive systems are not used to your mouth being open for a long time without saying or eating anything.

Comment by John Dodds

..and in a completely unrelated but yet us is way, I can hereby announce that today I spilt chinese loin pork and noodles all over the lap of a very fit brazilian media planner. Wonder if she was as surprised as your dentist?

Comment by northern

you empted your loins all over a fit south american bird? who the fuck do you think you are, tiger woods?

i cant condone that sort of behaviour from a married man but well done you dirty, naughty bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

get better soon rob!

Comment by peggy

Rob nice spotting. Gotta say I love it … maybe that’s because I’m biased and Piha is my favourite place in the world too.

Hope you’re well.

Tim – (down in NZ – it’s high time you visited!)

Comment by Tim Gregory

How the hell are you matey? Been ages …

I love NZ, I take great delight in telling my Aussie friends and family I prefer it to their hole – which is possibly why I no longer live there, ha!

Let’s talk soon, would love to know what you’re upto. Or want to be upto. Ha.

Comment by Rob

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