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Could This Stop Crime?
October 8, 2009, 6:09 am
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No, it’s not a pisstake, it’s the mugshot of Michele Allen of Middletown, Ohio who was after neighbours reported witnessing her chasing children, blocking traffic, and urinating on a porch. [Presumably not from her udders]

My favourite bit is the officer who arrested the bovine bully said she smelled of alcohol. You don’t say.

Anyway, do you think embarrassing mug shot photos could stop people from embarking on criminal acts?

I should point out that what I mean is that when you’re arrested, the Police take 2 photos … one ‘real one’ for their files and a ‘pisstake’ for the public domain.

Personally I’m not so sure how it would go … because as much as some claim Joseph M. Arpaio’s weird approach to prison/prisoner management has been very successful … I reckon it could also encourage a bunch of fools to do criminal acts in stupid outfits just for the fun of it.

I guess I’m showing the sort of friends I’ve got again aren’t I!

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no rob, youre not showing what kind of friends you have, youre showing what a marvellously fucked up individual you are.

another day another idea. what the fuck has got into you? it might be some self indulgent planning wank but ive not seen you this prolific since. fuck, have you ever been this prolific?

i know you know i would rather have a broken bottle rammed up my ass than answer one of your planning philosophical musing bollocks (unless it makes us money, makes me look good or makes you look twatty) but because of the fucking cool cow crime picture i will.

no i dont.

satisfied? do i look like i give b flying fuck?

where do you find this stuff and is it related to you working all fucking night and not getting any sleep?

if there is a connection then skip the zs because this is almost fucking enjoyable and if its not youre one weird fuck and thats why i like you. a bit. sometimes.

Comment by andy@cynic

Arpaio’s methods are unusual but there’s plenty of evidence to claim it’s also successful.

Infact if those pesky liberals didn’t kick up a fuss about human rights I’m sure it would be adopted wholesale. I mean adopted publically wholesale. 🙂

I’m with Andy, just where, why and how did you find that picture?

Comment by Pete

For the record, my wife found it and sadly for you Andy [but good for my health] this post has nothing to do with a lack of sleep because I did another ‘pre-write’ burst a while back and this is one of those.

Yep, I actually pre-write rubbish like this, how mad is that.

And Pete, those bloody liberals are always getting in the way of sorting things out aren’t they, ha.

Comment by Rob

Not in Nottingham

Comment by Bhaskar

I like the way you insult Bhaskar! Ha.

Comment by Rob

it all depends on their awereness of their economic worth. in case of middle high class people a simple write up would be enough to scare them straight, and in the case of people in lower classes, it would not deter nor enhance behaviour. Reality is that a lot of inner city people in the USA are living dead. They are not needed to keep the economy going. they know it and gov knows it. no cow bell or suit is going to help. Help them with what? The reality that will still be there when they get out of jail with funny pics? just another thing in a long line of embarresements.

Comment by Niko

God bless you Niko for writing a serious and well thought out response to what was basically a stupid picture with some shitty story attached.

You’re right that a persons economic level may play a role in how someone views the possible embarassment of being arrested – but I don’t think that is clear cut, there’s a hell of a lot of wealthy people who act in a manner that you would expect more of, as you put it, the ‘living dead’.

To be honest, I take a bit of an exception to that generalisation.

Sure there’s a huge amount of people who feel society doesn’t value them or what they do … and without doubt that is a cancer that needs to be addressed [especially as many Government policies seem more focused on keeping people down than bringing them up] … however I would point out that whilst crime rates may be going up in many countries/cities, in comparisson to the level of people that actually live in those places, it still represents the minority which means there are more people doing the right thing than those doing the wrong and that is something worth celebrating.

Sure, within cities there are certain areas that are particularly bad for crime etc … however whilst getting people to dress in a cow suit for their Police mugshot might not stop them from committing further crimes, either is the implication that everyone who feels let down or worthless is going to commit a bunch of criminal acts.

I know you weren’t really suggesting that, but generalisation is killing this industry and I am just giving you a friendly slap on the wrist to make sure you don’t do it again. 😉

Comment by Rob

No rob. no. the point is not that crime levels are not as high as inhabitants. The point is that if tomorrow all the lower class people in the USA would stop to be the economy (except maybe the restaurant business in SoCal) would not miss a beat. So maybe the majority don’t do crime, but are they moving forward? No. so celebrating that people don’t do crime? How fucking patronizing is that. Reminds me of the skit by Chris rock about black people and niggers. Google that. so yes u paint in broad strokes. But tell me did the CIA drop crack in Beverly hills? on thos issue I may be a a bit personally involved so reason and nuance might be lost, but don’t tell me the gov gives a damn.that is the point, not the other way around. look at mandetory sentencing for crack and for powdered cocaine. And look at who uses what. And nowhere did I imply that being poor is a free pas to commit crime( that was never my excuse). What I am saying is when odds are that you won’t make it to 40 , you have adiff perception on what is emberrasing and what is not.

Please slap away for on this issue I’ ve experienced worse.

Comment by Niko

Wasn’t your question a generalisation?

Comment by John

And I too disagree with Niko’s socio-economic division – it may have some validity but it would be need to be proven. People change behaviour when they want to and I’m not sure that embarrassment does it – many people do embarrassing things when drunk, are mortified the next day and then drink the next weekend (and not just to forget meeting me before anyone says it).

Perhaps people need to feel shame before they change and if you start trying to shame people by idicule, you’re into vey dnagerous territory – notwithstanding the point that (as you should recall Rob) mugshots are taken at arrest at which time you are presumed innocent. You don’t mention any other inducement/persuasion to go along side the embarrassment. I think you probably need both.

(In Nottingham I accept this might be different – after all only yesterday there was a huge sewage and cyanide spill in the river, many fish died – and amazingly the authorities there noticed that there had been a change).

Comment by John

It was a question John, not a statement of fact. Hey, lawyers get guys off on technicalities worse than that, ha!

And yes, you’re right John – you are presumed innocent at the time of a mugshot, but we all know ‘presume’ is another technicality utilised when it suits by lawyers, ha!.

I find it quite interesting that a tongue-in-cheek post featuring a [presumed] drunken woman in a cow suit is causing such serious debate. If I knew that’s all I needed to do, I’d of found dodgy photos of people years ago.

And Niko …

Look, I do know what you’re saying and I agree with much of what you say [let’s face it, Obama’s whole campaign was based on giving people some hope where there was little in supply] however I still think you are making some massive generalisation, though I suppose you have to tell me what you deem as a ‘lower class’ person before I can really comment.

Finally, while your attitude to life is bound to be different if you have a much lower life expectancy than 70+ years, as far as I know – that is not the case in America, at least in terms of people who don’t embark in criminal activity.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying life expectancy is not impacted by being poor, nor am I saying people who don’t embark on criminal activity are going to be happy-as-can-be … just trying to get an understanding on where you’re going with this.

Comment by Rob

I don’t think it is ever about shame, it is about apathy and lack of a visible future.

I agree with some of what Niko said here. Surely the whole banking debacle has proven beyond any doubt that being white and rich makes you precisely 8000% less likely to go punished than if you are black and poor.

In the words of Manic Street Preachers: “How white was his skin? Unimportant just another inner city drive by thing.”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

And Mr M, I’m not denying apathy and lack of hope are massive factors in driving a care-free attitude towards many things … but shame can work, it’s one of the key reasons why Asia’s population follows the mainstream consensus.

And yes, there is huge discrepancy in how the law handles people of different origins and wealth … hell, even tall and goodlooking people get less harsh sentences [thus the ultimate goal in genetics is to be white, tall, rich and goodlooking] but that wasn’t what this post was about and whilst I like the debate, I want to make sure people understand I was posing a question, not a fact … and like most things in life, we can never have an all encompassing single answer – even though adland often likes to think you can.

Comment by Rob

Message For Mr Dodds …

You’ll be happy to know my own blog has banned my comments.

It really has got taste …

Comment by Rob

Yes, but what use is shame when shame means nothing?

Asia’s family oriented system means that shame really has an effect. Outside of Asia it can only have limited potential because when you have next to nothing to aim for, what loss is shame?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Fair point – maybe it shows I’ve been in Asia too long. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Bloody hell, don’t let Andy see you concede a point!! 😉

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I am happy to concede a point when I’m wrong … or when I am right, just from a different cultural perspective.

[That should keep Andy off my back for a bit longer 😉 ]

Comment by Rob

Thank you mr M for simplifying and saving me the mission impossible of making sense of what goes on in my head.

rob: great post. Though shame and guilt are powerfull tools just depeds on the culture when to use one or the other.

Mr dodds: people don’t change behaviour when they want to. AA and 60% obesity in USA amongst others testify to that. mind over matter is myth. Only one who believes that are writers of self help books ( which on my list of scams I wish I had thought of holds place #3)

Comment by Niko


For many reasons, people often find it very hard to change their behaviour even if they really want to – however some individuals have great power over their harmful/indulgent/unhealthy desires of which my ability to stop drinking alcohol at age 15 and never touch a drop since, testifies. 🙂

You’ll thank me for this one day, unless you fancy a career in government. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Aren’t u the exception to the general rule? And more than half the country obese is general. And Mr dodds started it!

Rule 5 of irrational truth: bread and circus works and people paint in broad strokes. Maybe I just love propaganda to much 🙂

Comment by Niko

Yes, it’s Mr Dodds fault as usual.

Comment by Rob

Wrong Niko.

AA exists because its members want to change. And high obesity doesnt imply that the people dont want to be obese. It implies that they will tolerate their regime of eating excessively and not exercising

Comment by John

30 all.


Comment by Rob

New balls.

Comment by John

But ur point on want connected to behaviour change don’t fly. addicts rationaly want to quit the moment they start. mindpower is not enough. That is why aa is there. To support the often mandetory stop of drinking( be it the law or medicine or social pressure ). same with gastro operation. It creates context whereby people don’t have to want. The change is made. And the mind can check out. Post fact people will say I wanted that all along but the behaviour tells a diff story.

though om personal note: thank u all here for the mental exercise.

Comment by Niko

Ps that is why interruption advertising will stil be relevant. People can’t help but check something out once they know it is there. See email distractions during work or tweet checks. We are what we are, mostly weak flesh. Nothing wrong with it…:)

Comment by Niko

It also follows the model of invisible technology and environmental change. Whereby people like the idea of doing something but until the technology or donation or change becomes invisible they won’t actually bother to do it.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Nonsense – addicts don’t want to stop immediately – they do whatever it is they do, because it’s initially really pleasurable. And anyway, I wasn’t talking about addicts per se. With the exception of legal coercion, behaviour changes (and stays changed) because the alternative becomes a better option for the person and they actively want to change.

Comment by John

But does he change first or want to change first?

Comment by Niko

oh dear. i have a feeling i’m in big trouble.

i collaborate with a curator who makes me do stupid shit and i make her write about it. and vice versa.

i have a feeling we’re going to be arrested soon. tell my mum i not bad, just misguided.

Comment by lauren

as much as this picture and the explanation to it made me grin… i don t like the idea of people being ridiculed in public and therefore undergoing this sort of social punishment. i think that their criminal/antisocial behaviour was in large parts caused by society and their own social development, in the first place – having the ‘wrong’ or not any role models at all, experiencing violence, maybe resulting in feelings of low self-worth, etc.

i doubt that laughing about them and pointing fingers will help them to be half-decent members of society in the future.

or would mug shots of criminal bankers be included in some sort of data base, too? 🙂 but… i didn t have to see madoff’s face to know i wouldn t want to screw people over like he did.

and this arpaio guy is a nutcase on a massive ego trip. i feel sorry for the people he treats wrong. i m just glad i know you were joking pete

@ lauren 🙂

Comment by peggy

its a drunk woman in a fucking cow outfit. just thought you all needed a fucking reminder.

Comment by andy@cynic

… that it s halloween soon?
just found out the scary pumpkin is called jacko lantern. lol!
no, i m not drunk

Comment by peggy

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