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We Must Never Forget …
November 11, 2008, 6:52 am
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red poppy by otis b driftwood1 Photo: Otis B Driftwood 1

Over two World Wars, more people that we can ever imagine gave up their lives – or lived through hell and terror- for the benefit of our futures.

And how do we repay them?

By letting our greed, arrogance and ego put the planet in a position where it’s socio, economic, political and environmental elements are all in serious danger.

With that in mind, lets make sure we spare some thought to the real heroes of the World today.

I’m not talking about overpaid and overhyped sportspeople … actors … musicians … I’m talking about average men, women and children whose selflessness allowed today’s generation to think stress is simply not having enough money to buy the latest iPOD incarnation.

You did us proud … unfortunately we’re not repaying your courage and faith very well.

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I had fam fight in both the world wars and recent ones, so all I can do is say thanks.

But let’s not romanticize the past, shit was fucked up back then as well. no chick rights, colonial tendencies, slavery and what not.

Are we really worse than gens before, or do we just have at our disposal better weapons of destruction?

good night.

Comment by niko

Good post Robert.

Comment by George

Good man.

Comment by Lee Hill

I don’t think I’m romantacising the past Niko, we all know there was a multitude of “bad shit” going on but in comparison to the individuals that modern media and society tend to heap hero status upon, I believe there is little comparison to those who really deserve our awe.

I appreciate scale, circumstances and historical media [propoganda] are key factors in creating so many everyday heroes … and I know there are many people who live amongst us right now that deserve the World’s gratitude [though ironically that’s probably not what they want, which to me separates a real hero from a media hero – are you listening Oprha/Bono? Ha!] … but if there was a global war today and technology didn’t allow such effecvtiveness in battle, I wonder if society would band together as powerfully as they did in WW 1 and 2?

I’d like to think so … and I reckon some parts of the World would [mainly because they are right now] but for the ‘entitlement generation’, I don’t know if we would be looking back and talking about their ‘dunkirk spirit’ … more their selfish enjoyment.


PS: Incase this post has come across like a wannabe-squadie who is pissed up and shouting racist slurs all over the place, it’s mean to be celebrating human character and values not myopic nationalistic pride and all that bollocks.

Comment by Rob

given you were on the losing side campbell this post is really quite fucking decent of you.

pity this “gracious loser” doesnt extend to every other fucking aspect of your poxy little life πŸ™‚

Comment by andy@cynic

A bit of perspective is a good thing. Financial meltdown caused by rampant corporate greed and blatent dishonesty is nothing compared to millions of ordinary people going to their deaths on our behalf.

Comment by Lofty

i wonder if bobby charlton “remembers” because the only thing that fucker ever seems to talk about is winning the fucking world cup in 1966.

youd think the fucker did it all by himself the way he goes on about it.

get over it slappy, people didnt die just to keep you in interviews every 4 fucking years

Comment by andy@cynic

Nice to see Andy keeping in the spirit of things.

Mind you, this blog has been far too serious [comments wise] as of late – and as nice as that is, I kinda miss the madness.

Where have you all gone?
Why have you become mature[ish]?
Where is our official troublemaker Marcus?
Did NP disappear because he admitted his fetish for Sarah Palin?
We need tangent comments … and we need them quick.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Lee Hill

Hey I just noticed the ultra small smiley face hiding right down the bottom of this webpage!
He’s been here the whole time with us, watching this madness in silence. Let’s name him…

Comment by Age

… or her!

(tangent enough?)

Comment by Age

Sorry Age … but a CLIENT beats you on quality of tangent, but I do appreciate the effort πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

there’s something about today that i appreciate a whole lot more than the other war-remembering day in april. today i remember the others involved in warfare – the nurses, the ambulance drivers (of which my great-grandad was one), legacy and other returned servicemen support orgs; the soldiers and their families, the endless futility of warfare and its role in society. the bigger picture, rather than this idea of glorification.

i don’t know if i’m down with heroes in general (how about common good and straight-up inspiration) – but you’re right. bring back people who deserve to be on a pedestal, rather than your over-hyped blaggers.

and lee – that was beautiful.

Comment by lauren

You’re only bonding with Lee because of your Patty Smith connection πŸ™‚

And I must say as much as I was a big believer in the Anzac Day celebration, I hated how it had sort-of metamorphised into an excuse to get pissed as a fart – it’s one thing to celebrate life but it’s another to get pissed and gamble.

Yes, I know I sound a 90 year old tosser!

And the heroes I am talking about ARE the everyday people – not just the super-achievers – because everyone played their part, not just those who held a rifle.

God, I belong in an OAP home don’t I!

Comment by Rob

it’s ok – you’re just preparing for fatherhood – that occasion where you have to teach others morals and pretend that you’ve always had them πŸ™‚

Comment by lauren

I know my Mum would appreciate that comment Lauren, but my wife and I don’t. It’s bad enough with a cat – how the hell would I cope with someone that ISN’T happy with curling up in a cardboard box!!!

Stop it or I start a Lauren, Dodds and Andy love triangle rumour πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

you know i said that for mrs c’s benefit anyway.:)
oh, and of course the natural extension from ‘rob and jill get engaged, then married, then get a cat.. next step – babies!!’ hehe… fightin’ words

and go ahead. start the rumour – i already did half your work for you anyway by getting married on facebook. just don’t forget that we have a child called oscar. who is obviously now the subject of both custody battle AND paternity test. πŸ™‚

you wanted tangent?

Comment by lauren

No Lauren, it goes …


… or at least in my selfish little mind it does, ha!

So Dodds has a [gay] child called Oscar has he? If he’s not paying up the child support, let me know – I’ll happily get our lawyer on the case πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

no rob it goes..

4 angry “brothers”
pay off
drunk again

Comment by Niko

I’ve been causing trouble behind the scenes. As you well know.

Baaaah! I mean woof.

Comment by Marcus

Niko, isnt that Andy’s?

The world is a strange place. But then every generation takes for granted things that the previous generation had to work hard for. When people grow up they start to appreciate their place in the world and the battles of the past, that’s supposed to be what the hassle of being a teenager results in.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

And anyway, I don’t talk about advertising anymore. I’m leaving it to the experts.

Comment by Marcus

Now that you mention it, Mr M…

Comment by Niko

experts in advertising? arent they known by another name? oh yes, clients

Comment by andy@cynic

oh yes brown, youre the farmer barbara woodhouse arent you. top fucking marks there.

i hear campbell is having a lamb bbq. all you can fucking eat apparently πŸ™‚

Comment by andy@cynic

Andy, its a shame that it’s a story that Campbell will probably never be able to tell.

Mint sauce anyone?

Comment by Marcus

i know but as long as we know thats all that fucking matters right? πŸ™‚

Comment by andy@cynic

damn right.

Comment by Marcus

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