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Happy Birthday Mum …
November 3, 2008, 7:07 am
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Sorry for using photos you don’t like … sorry for joking about the bravery of the Italian people … sorry for all the swearing I do on this blog [but never infront of you] … sorry for having a company crest that looks abit too ‘Nazi’ for your liking and sorry for anything I’ve done in the past that upset you – including those things that WOULD have upset you if you’d ever found out about them, ha.

I hope you have a wonderful day, sadly this year there won’t be any surprise visits – but know I love you so very, very much and miss you every day.

Happy birthday my dear Mum, you’re the bloody best!


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Happy birthday and best wishes Mrs Campbell.

Comment by Lee Hill

hey mrs c! i think you’re one rockin’ lady and i hope you have an absolutely rockin’ birthday to suit 🙂

Comment by lauren

happy birthday you hot looking pensioner you. have a bloody day and try to forget rob is your son. andy xxx

Comment by andy@cynic

Happy birthday, Mrs Campbell!

Comment by Mark

Happy birthday Mrs Campbell, you look younger than your son.

Comment by George

Best wishes to you Mrs Campbell, I hope you will come and visit us in New York soon.

Comment by Katerina

Happy Birthday Mrs Campbell!

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Happy Birthday Mrs C 🙂 have a blast today !

Comment by bhaskar

Don’t drink too much Mrs C. 🙂

Comment by Bazza

Happy Birthday Mrs. Campbell.

Comment by Marcus

Happy Birthday Mrs Campbell

Comment by Niko

Buon compleanno signora Campbell, mile baci e bracci…

Comment by Age

Show off Age …

You are the matriarch of blogging Mum, you must be so proud, ha!

Comment by Rob

Happy Birthday Mrs C

Comment by Northern

At last, a worthwhile blogpost. Happy birthday Mrs C.

Comment by John

So you’ll be putting a ‘Happy Birthday’ message to my Mum on your blog as well will you John? 🙂

Comment by Rob

Happy birthday Mrs C.

Comment by Will

Thank you very much to everybody who sent their best wishes for my birthday. It is very kind of you all, especially because there is not one ‘F’ word in sight! It must have been particularly painful for you, Andy…
Ciao a tutti.
Fiorella x

Comment by Fiorella

Thank you, my dear Robert, Jill and…Rosie for the beautiful bouquet of wonderful flowers received this morning and the violin rendering of ‘Happy Birthday’ over the phone by you, Jill, my very artistic daughter-in-law.
You have all made my day!
Lots of love
Mum xxx

Comment by Fiorella

Hi Fiorella, Wishing you a very happy birthday to you with love from Paul & Shelly xxx

Comment by Paul

Happy Birthday Mrs. C.

Comment by Roop

glad you understand the sacrifice I went to for you mrs c. and violin playing? what the fuck? sorry mrs c but by my reckoning your birthdays over so swearing can return 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Belated birthday best wishes to you Mrs Campbell.

Comment by Pete

It’s been a while since my Mum posted on here, so it’s nice to have her say ‘Hello’. We were almost at a historicl point with no swearing at all till Andy – as usual – ruined it, but to be fair, he did time it so in GMT terms, she was no longer the birthday girl, ha!

And Andy, Jill came home with a violin yesterday … a musical instrument she has never held, let alone played … and proceeded to torture her husband and cat with sounds that contravene the Geneva convention.

My Mum is being her sweet self because there’s no way in hell that the tune [tune????] Jill screached out on the violin was Happy Birthday, at least not the traditional version of it, ha!

Comment by Rob

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