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Well Done To My Friends At Droga5 …
January 30, 2008, 7:16 am
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VB bokeh

… for winning VB.

I have a fucking fantastic campaign for you if you want it 🙂

That reminds me, I really should put up the mood video of the ad we were hoping to make.

Let me see how politically sensitive that would be – because I’d love to show what I – and the rest of the team – were so proud and excited about. And no, I’m not talking about symphony,  I’m talking about the Angelina thing!

[I know I owe you an email Ted, will call you soon. Like I promised last week, ha!]

When Was The Last Time You Saw Something For The First Time?
January 30, 2008, 7:15 am
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Have a look out your window … look up … look down … look into the distance … can you imagine how different your environment would be without skyscrapers? 

Would you still feel you were in a city?

Would you still think you were in the modern age?

The reason I write this is because in Cambodia, they have just unveiled the first of 3 skyscrapers they plan to build … the first that will appear in their capital. EVER.

This is a big thing for the country – not just because it shows Cambodia is worthy of foreign investment [especially when most organisations seem obsessed with China and India] – but because it provides the people of Phnom Penh with undeniable proof their country/city is progressing.

I know a while back I wrote that neon signs made cities feel big and vibrant but I was wrong – it’s skyscrapers – because without them, what you end up with is Grimsby on a cold, rainy November night.


A Little Treat For Any Aussie Who Comes By This Blog …
January 30, 2008, 7:09 am
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Did you like that?

Had a good giggle?

That’s good because I counteract with this …

Got to go, got a darts match to play in. 🙂

Confessions Of A Kitty Cat Killer …
January 29, 2008, 6:30 pm
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Kit-Kat Confussion!

So in a moment of madness, our favourite little menace – Emah – gave me a chocolate.

As I was chomping, she gave me another and said I should give it to Rosie.

Immediately my face changed from joy to confusion and I asked …

 “Don’t you know chocolate kills cats?”

Emah looked up at me with her lovely brown eyes and sniffed … 

“That must be why my cat died because I kept feeding it KitKats”

I know I shouldn’t of laughed … I tried really hard not to … but I just couldn’t help it.

Thank God this all happened years ago or she’d never talk to me again and then who would I get to do all my work 🙂

Bob A Job? No Thanks, He’s Already Got One.
January 29, 2008, 4:22 pm
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Danesford School c1968 - Alan Rodgers Bob A Job Week, Job Done Card 001

Last week I wrote about Mr M’s good news… but now it’s official. Hurrah!

Well done mate, I – and everyone else here – are so happy for you.

Right, onwards and upwards – expect the petition very, very soon …

[Even though it’s not up yet, the blogs registered, so don’t try any funny business!]