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Confessions Of A Kitty Cat Killer …
January 29, 2008, 6:30 pm
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Kit-Kat Confussion!

So in a moment of madness, our favourite little menace – Emah – gave me a chocolate.

As I was chomping, she gave me another and said I should give it to Rosie.

Immediately my face changed from joy to confusion and I asked …

 “Don’t you know chocolate kills cats?”

Emah looked up at me with her lovely brown eyes and sniffed … 

“That must be why my cat died because I kept feeding it KitKats”

I know I shouldn’t of laughed … I tried really hard not to … but I just couldn’t help it.

Thank God this all happened years ago or she’d never talk to me again and then who would I get to do all my work 🙂

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That’s sad and funny at the same time…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

more importantly, what did you do with the other kitkat, rob?

[emah, while i’m sure you feel awful, i’m sure you’re not really a cold-blooded cat killer. and to make you feel better, this actually made me feel so much better about being the crap cat owner that i am! ha!]

Comment by lauren

I’m hungry now… hungry and annoyed.


Comment by Age

thanks rob for solving the 12 year old case of the dead kitten!

**but at least i gave it a proper burial**

R.I.P Nike.

Comment by Emah

I am Sherlock Campbell

Comment by Rob

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