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The Festive Season Must Be Coming …
September 20, 2006, 10:01 am
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After the horrid ads of yesterday, I thought I’d have a ‘happier entry day’ today …

OK, so why am I going on about the Festive Season? 

Well, there’s a good reason … because my Mum got her first Christmas Card yesterday!

September 19th!!!  Mental. 

Even the shops think it’s too early to start flogging Christmas decorations yet!

Talking of completely mental, imagine my surprise when I saw this picture in a local magazine …

Yep, it’s ex-Russian President, Mikhail Gorbochyov – the bloke with the tomato ketchup on his head.

Why am I surprised?

Well, one reason is that he was in a bloody trendy restaurant in bloody untrendy Singapore … however what really shocked me was the restaurant in question is next to my soddin’ home!

Soooooo … I have the headquarters of FASHION TV on one side of my house, a restaurant which attracts ex-political leaders on the other side of my house and BBC World’s Regional office across from my house.

When did I become so trendy, let alone Singapore???? 

It’s a mad, mad World!

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christmas cards and russian presidents. you really are on the cutting edge of everything arent you mr campbell

Comment by andy @ cynic

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