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If Freddie Mercury Was A Cake …
September 18, 2006, 4:37 pm
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…. I reckon he’d be like the Pavlova I ate in Shanghai …

… or this Mango Cheesecake I scoffed in Singapore.

Which begs the questions …

1. Why is there a global agenda to make all desserts poncy and flamboyant?

2. When did it become wrong to offer basic apple crumble and custard?

3. Why is ‘yellow’ the colour most strongly associated with dessert?

4. Why did I eat an Australian Pavlova in Shanghai?

5. Why is ‘Bread And Butter’ Pudding in so many Asian Hotels?*

6. Why am I eating so much when I’m supposedly taking more care of my health?

* Yes, I do realise this sort of makes point 2 redundant!

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If Mercury was a cake; it’d be pretty rotten ’cause he’s been dead for 10 years. Nice blog though.

Comment by Jamie Oliver

Is this a wind up? Jamie Oliver … THE Jamie Oliver? If it isn’t, why / how on earth did you get onto my blog and if it is … WHY??

Comment by Rob

Would be funny if it was the real Jamie Oliver, odds are low though!


1. Only in expensive places
2. Sad isnt it
3. Custard/Vanilla Ice cream!
4. Homesick?
5. They expect british people to want it??!
6. Too hungry?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Errrrm, it seems it actually is!

Andy’s mate is Jamie’s mate … and they mentioned it over dinner. Could still be a wind up, but the email he has put down, DOES go to his company! How weird is that????

How are you by the way!

Comment by Robert

OMG, J.O the culinary celeb??? Wow, you are famous Robert!

Comment by Celeste

Im good! Sorting the house stuff out of course… its tiring and expensive but fun!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

good news its really jamie oliver. bad news he only did it because a mate sorted it for me. i wanted to see if youd be all star-struck as you always said he annoyed you. not sure what this proves except i have a.d.d. & am a shit. love you really. sorry

Comment by andy

And so now I understand the reason you’ve been married more times than King Henry VIII. I’ve told George on you … prepare to be bollocked when you’re back in the US.

Comment by Rob

[…] If Freddie Mercury Was A Cake … […]

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