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When Trying To Be Part Of Culture Shows You’re Not Part Of Culture …
February 2, 2015, 6:25 am
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Come and take a bow Volvo.

Of course you’re #nofilter, that’s because you’ve airbrushed and image-tuned that car to within an inch of its life.

Seriously, do you think people don’t see that?

Do you think people go, “Wow, that’s the most naturally stunning thing I’ve ever seen!”

Trust me, they won’t.

Where naturally stunning is concerned, people tend to talk about sunrises, landscapes or Scarlet Johansson not some boxy Volvo that still looks like a boxy Volvo after 400 hours of airbrushing has been added to it.

If you honestly think this will make someone change their view of Volvo then you know even less about your audience than I thought you did.

Mind you, given you’ve spent 15 years trying – and failed – to find a contemporary positioning for your brand and now are just hanging your hat on the fact it “looks less boxy than your older cars”, it’s pretty obvious you’ve failed to grasp both who you are and who you can be targeting.

Maybe the next hashtag you should use is #fail