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Scrabble And Crosswords Are A Four Letter Word …
November 13, 2023, 7:45 am
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So I am rubbish at word games.




Never liked them … never won any of them.

Which is why Wordle was a bit of a revelation … because I not only could do it, I enjoyed it.

Sure, it’s more a game of deduction than vocabulary, but it’s fun.

And then I found Wordiply on the Guardian website.

It’s a game where they give you a few letters and your job is to make the longest word you can that incorporates those letters … exactly as they appear on the website.

Now you’d think I’d be shit at this.

And often I am … but on two occasions, I’ve achieved this:

That’s right assholes … I’ve got the longest word not once, but TWICE.

Is this worthy of celebration?

To normal people, no … but for me, this is like getting the degree I never got.

Happy Monday.

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