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Have Airlines Gone Bonkers Or Just The Passengers?
August 9, 2023, 8:15 am
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When I was young, I loved looking through the Argos and Innovations catalogues.

They were a window into a world I couldn’t imagine.

One filled with gadgets and toys I’d never see, let alone never own.

It’s partly why whenever I fly, I always look at the Duty Free catalogue.

Because outside of the sexist shit like ‘air hostess outfits for girls and pilot suits for boys’ and prices that never seemingly being any less than I could get in a store … there’s something magical – at least for me – in seeing what’s on offer.

Bad versions of expensive brands.

Updated versions of old products.

Endless amounts of perfume and questionable jewellery.

I love it. Hell, I’ve even bought things from it occasionally … though the mini-projector ended up being something I used precisely ZERO times.

But post-covid, the people behind these catalogues have decided passengers are super rich and super stupid.

I get why they would think that with the price of tickets these days.

But even then, I am wracking my brain to work out who would get on a plane and order this …

A bed.

A SG$24,000 bed.

Seriously, what the absolute fuck?

I know there’s a lot of bed companies these days offering ’60+ free nights’ … but this isn’t one of those.

This is the real deal … mattress AND remote control flexible frame.

For the price of a car. Or at least a second-hand car.

And they expect you to buy it, without trying it, via an inflight, duty-free catalogue.

I’d kill to know if any have ever been sold. I’d kill to know the reasoning behind why they did it.

And I’d kill anyone who ordered one.

Forget Duty Free this would be Brain Free … or, the new way to signal to people you have vulgar wealth.

Better than a Black Centurion AMEX or a Lambo with Pepper Pig.

Evolution sure works in some strange ways …

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