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Modern History …
August 1, 2023, 7:45 am
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Another month forward with a totally un-topical post.


So a while back, I was walking through Heathrow Airport and saw this …

A Top Trumps vending machine.

Top. Bloody. Trumps.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Top Trumps … hell, we even made some for a project cynic had with NASA … but I was surprised as hell to see a vending machine dedicated to them.

Of course they’re perfect plane/holiday material … but in a smartphone world, it was still a surprise to see them because they’re proper old school.

Mind you, so are Rubik’s cubes – which in a few days, you’ll read a post about – so maybe there’s a growing desire to get back to more simple but immersive stuff.


Whatever the reasons, I liked it and I like the line on the side of the machine: “Whatever you’re into, so are we”.

OK, so they could have dropped ‘so are we’ – and not just because it would make it sound better – but I like they’re basically communicating that they see everyone, regardless what weird shit they may be into. Better yet, they do.

OK, so while they definitely don’t have a pack for everything people are into [ahem] there’s an incredible range [see the Spitting Image pack] and there’s the chance to make your own, which would have been great if they had that 20 years ago, ha.

So well done TT … you may be old, but you’re aging better than most. Me for a start.

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