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Don’t Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste …
May 15, 2023, 8:15 am
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Watch theft – or should I say, expensive watch theft – has reached insane levels.

It’s so bad that some nations are warning their citizens to not wear expensive jewellery when visiting London – because things are so bad.

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The driver of this theft epidemic is not simply their current value … it’s that certain brands are seeing incredible increases in their worth and at a time where everything else seems to be falling dramatically, they’re proving to be a better investment than many traditional choices.

Anyway, luxury watch brand Audemers Piguet have seen an opportunity to benefit from this situation by being the first watch company to guarantee watches against theft.

OK, so the watch has to be $55,000+ but it’s still a smart idea … because even though most people who can afford a watch of that value would insure it against theft, the hassle – and cost – of external insurance makes this a pretty compelling offer, if only for simplicity should the worst happen.

As usual there are clauses galore – but in terms of taking an issue head-on – it’s not just smart, they’ve been quick to act and for a category often viewed as being slow and set in their ways, it’s good to see someone adopt the attitude of ‘don’t let a crisis go to waste’ rather than keep your head in the sand and wait till it blows over.

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