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Goals …
November 1, 2022, 8:15 am
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This is the actress Keeley Hawes.

While I have enjoyed a lot of the television and movies she has appeared in, I don’t know much about her other than she is an accomplished actress who – having read a few interviews about her – is smart, self-aware and considered.

[Yes, I know her husband is also an accomplished actor, but I don’t want to diminish her individuality or achievements, because – let’s be honest – most women end up being seen as someone’s wife or mother rather than their own person]

She recently talked about changing her career.

Not because she doesn’t love what she does … nor because she isn’t as successful as she hoped … but because of COVID, she has started to re-evaluate what she wants to do in her life, especially as she will be turning 50 in a few years and that feels a pivotal age.

I totally get that.

As I’ve said many times before, the problem with getting older is you keep discovering more things you want to explore and pursue, however you have become painfully aware you won’t be able to do all of them … not least because as you do one new activity, they reveal even more things you want to chase down.

But while the temptation is to just stick with what you know to not frustrate yourself, the impact of time does create am anxiety you can’t entirely shake off. So while I acknowledge it’s an absolute privilege for anyone to be able to change direction in the quest for more life experience … it’s likely something most people feel.

None of which has anything to do with this post.

The reason is when I saw that photo of Keeley, I just thought it was amazing.

She looks so cool, elegant and rock n’ roll all at the same time.

I can only dream of being that, but then I wear birkies so I don’t stand a chance.

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