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Hooray, Liam’s Leaving …
August 12, 2022, 8:00 am
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Today, Liam leaves the planning gang at Colenso.

Whenever someone leaves – or should I say, whenever someone you like and respect leaves – it’s always sad … but I’m literally over-the-moon.



You see when I started at Colenso, Liam was one of the first people I sat down with.

Within seconds of our first ‘colleague’ chat, he said …

“I would love to live and work in Canada at some point”.

Now I have to admit that it normally takes a little longer for someone to say they don’t want to work with me … and yet I still loved it.

Not because I wanted him to go.
Not because I didn’t like him.
But because he’d been honest and now we knew what we were working towards together.

Zoom forward 15 months and here we are … celebrating his last day before he heads off to Canada to work with the fine folk at Taxi.

Hence I’m sad he’s leaving but over the moon he’s going.

While we didn’t work that long together, I can honestly say I’ll never ever forget him.

Part of that is for his smarts … particularly on something that comes out just after he leaves. [which seems to always be the way. Certainly was for me. Thanks a bunch NIKE China!]

Another part is for his formidable table-tennis prowess, even though he wishes it was also for his 10 Pin Bowling.

But one of the biggest parts is for a reason I’m never allowed to say, despite the fact everyone in the team knows and probably share the same view.

Moving countries can feel scary.

And I don’t mind admitting that initially it can be challenging and demanding.

But it’s also exciting, fulfilling, informing and evolving.

Not everyone can do it.

Not everyone gets to do it.

But I’m so glad Liam is.

Thank you for everything mate. The good … the bad .. and those fucking venn diagrams.

Have the time of your life and know I’m so bloody glad you’re leaving.


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