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A Place To Work From …
September 27, 2021, 8:00 am
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There are many good things about moving countries so much … one of them is the ability to continually keep your house clear of shit.

And given how much shit I have, that means it’s the difference between living in a house you can move around in, or being officially given a ‘harder’ label.

So every time we are moving, we sell/give/dispose of a whole heap of things … stuff that either doesn’t work for us anymore or won’t work with where we’re going. It’s quite cathartic once my wife and I have got past the arguments of what we individually are claiming is ‘not rubbish’.

Anyway, the reason I say this is as we are setting up home in NZ, we needed a table – but, as usual – we decided we wanted something quirky beautiful, so off we went traipsing around and then we discovered this.

Now, I accept being excited about a table is possibly the saddest thing I could ever admit to, but look at it …

A Czechoslovakian, Industrial Laboratory Table from 1976.


The stories it could tell.
The experiments it’s been involved in.
The people who worked on it.

Though I’m choosing to ignore the dangerous chemicals it has probably had poured on it or churned out. Not to mention the ones still be hidden somewhere in its taps and pipes.

If it was a book, it would be a mystery story where the last pages of each chapter have been ripped out, leaving you to imagine where things go.

And while paying a fuckload of cash for a piece of 45 year old ‘office furniture’ may seem like the most stupid idea ever, when you remember how many robot dog, rabbits and – worse of all – balls I’ve blown perfectly good money on throughout my life, this could be one of the smartest investments I would ever make.

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what the fuck is going on? i like it. who the fuck chose it for you?

Comment by andy@cynic

That is very, very cool Rob.

Comment by George

I hope it’s still connected to gas.

Comment by DH

First bit of science you’ve ever been good at.

Comment by Bazza

thank fuck for that, because the prick would be nuking everyone he has ever hated and wed all be fucked.

Comment by andy@cyncic

You do know that wifi hadn’t reached Czechoslovakia in 1976?

Comment by John

Still waiting.

Comment by Bily Whizz

It doesn’t??? What was I thinking?!

Comment by Rob

What a stunning piece of furniture.

Comment by Lee Hill

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