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Ready Freddie …
September 6, 2021, 8:00 am
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Yesterday, King Mercury would have turned 75.

Jesus Christ.

While Brian and Roger are still flying the Queen flag, I’m not sure Freddie would be.

Maybe he wouldn’t have gone to such an extreme as John … but I am sure it wouldn’t be in the way the others are doing it.

Part of this is because he once said if he looked stupid prancing around in a leotard, he wouldn’t want to do it any more.

What I particularly love about this statement is that he is saying he never thought he looked stupid prancing around in a leotard.

But then he didn’t.

At least when he was on stage.

There, he looked every inch of what he was – a Rock Star.

Sure, in the mid-80’s he – and Queen – evolved into entertainers, but even then, they were still a special live act.

Given their last concert as a full group was 1986 and Freddie died in 1991, the fact he – and to a certain degree, the band – remain in contemporary culture is incredible.

For that alone they’ve been more successful than most brands – with their tens of millions in research – and that’s before we talk about their ability to command such insane loyalty while also evolving into movies, plays, books and games.

I am sure Freddie would find that amusing, which is probably the best birthday present he could have.

So to dear Freddie … Happy [late] Birthday darling, I hope you’re having fun with your cats.

I’ll be listening to one of my favourite moments of your exquisite voice in celebration.

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is that all of the fuckers covered now campbell? I cant take any more of this queen love shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s strange to see Freddie in that photo because he died in 1991 and yet he still exists in contemporary culture, looking exactly as he did. It feels more like he’s not aged rather than he has died. I can’t think of many more artists who have that position in modern culture despite being dead 30 years. Not even Bowie. It’s pretty extraordinary.

Comment by George

thats because the fuckers keep releasing their greatest hits album every fucking 3 weeks.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

That actually made me laugh out loud.

When Freddie died, their manager said that Queen was going to continue being a relevant force in culture. That was 30 years ago almost to the day. They’ve done that better than almost any brand in the World.

As I wrote years ago for MTV, brands can learn a lot from bands. None more so than how Queen have achieved an incredible level of success [Bohemian Rhapsody, for example, is the highest grossing ‘musical’ and ‘biographical’ film in history] despite their singer having been gone 3 decades.

Comment by Rob

Jim Beach, the bands long term manager and lawyer, is one of the best in the business.

Comment by Lee Hill

Talk to me about 1970’s rock music excess without talking to me about 1970’s rock music excess?

Hate the song but I’ll give you the voice is sublime.

Comment by DH

Hahahaha … yes, that’s very true.

Comment by Rob

My nan liked them.

Comment by John

nice kicking doddsy.

Comment by andy@cynic

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