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The Beat Plays On Even With Him Gone …
August 19, 2021, 8:00 am
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Today is the birthday of Queen bassist, John Deacon.

John has always been the least well known member of the band – despite writing such mega hits as Another One Bites The Dust and I Want To Break Free – and he likes it that way.

John turns 70 today and while Roger Taylor and Brian May are continuing to fly a version of the Queen flag … John stepped down the moment Freddie died.

In many ways he has become somewhat of a recluse – occasionally popping up in a newspaper when someone has taken a photograph of him and then sold it to a tabloid who then runs a headline about how much he has changed since his rockstar days, as if it’s a piece of investigative journalism.


However the reality is John has always been a reluctant rockstar.

He has a degree in electronics.

He got married very young.

He had kids very early.

He rarely did interviews.

He never dressed up for concerts.

He even took 5 years to believe the band would be successful, despite global tours and worldwide number 1 singles.

And while it has been well documented he has suffered depression for a long time – made worse by the passing of his best friend, Freddie – he was no shirking violet.

John was – and arguably still is – the businessman of the band, ensuring they always receive the monies owed to them while structing deals to ensure they benefited the most.

He also once left a note on his bass during a Queen recording session that simply said, “gone to Bali” after getting pissed off with the band.

With all this, it’s safe to say Mr Deacon is a complex individual and yet he was loved by the band. On one level they protected him – accepting he was who he was and not asking him to change – while on the other, they constantly encouraged him to express himself … whether that was in terms of music or, after a glass or 2 or vodka, taking the piss out the band or the music business in general, of which you can see a glimpse of it at 2 mins 40 seconds here.

When I lived in London I saw him in a little Toyota with his daughter … laughing away and smiling and for me, that was a wonderful way to see him.

Because despite being worth $170 million and having lived, seen and helped create some of the biggest musical moments in life, his place of comfort and happiness is living small.

Out the spotlight.

Out of the conversation.

Out of the drama and noise.

While many may never understand that, no one can begrudge him it.

Happy birthday Mr Deacon. You’re a quiet inspiration.

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only one with any self fucking awareness.

Comment by andy@cynic

You may have a point with that.

Comment by Rob

Too right. The one who knew that carrying on could only diminish the legacy.

Comment by John

Had this blog been more queen this year?

Comment by DH

I’ve already written another one. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

Something not to look forward to.

Comment by DH

Deacon is the least hate making member of the band.

Comment by DH

I think it may be because he followed Margaret Thatcher’s husbands advice which was:

“Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”.

Comment by Rob

Didn’t he also say his job was to be present, but never there? That sounds like Deacon too.

Comment by DH

People used to say he was the quiet member of the band. But seems to me he just didn’t give a shit about saying or doing anything he wasn’t in to. When brands talk about confidence, they should have a photo of John Deacon as their muse. The confidence to not be a rockstar cliche.

Comment by Pete

Hahahaha … maybe Wieden NY should have cast him in their Southern Comfort ‘beach’ spot, instead of the man in the trunks.

Good point though. He may have been quiet, but apart from his bass making a huge noise – his viewpoints were loud and clear, even without him having to make a sound.

Comment by Rob

That photo of him in an 80s intern business suit while Freddie looks like a camp Hell’s Angel is something else.

Comment by Bazza

A quintessential bass player. Except he also wrote huge global hits.

Comment by Lee Hill

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