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If You Want To Know What Is Really Important, Talk To Someone Who Has Been Struggling With Their Truth …
May 31, 2021, 8:00 am
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A few weeks ago, out the blue, someone I know wrote to me to tell me he was gay.

He told me this was something he had struggled for decades to deal with but he had recently accepted his truth and was slowly getting comfortable with it.

And – for reasons even he wasn’t sure of – he wanted me to know.

I read it and then read it again and then just stopped to take it in.

It was one of the few moments in my life where I was highly conscious of all the incredibly different emotions going through me at that very moment.

Overall I was just so incredibly happy for him.

I had absolutely no idea so cannot imagine the hugely challenging and emotional journey he has been and will – hopefully to a much lesser extent – continue to be on. But to get to the point where he is comfortable with embracing who he is makes me so so happy.

He’s a wonderful human. A wonderful, talented human and all I have ever wanted for him was to be happy. In time, I believe this will make him happier than he may ever of dreamed was possible.

And then there was the feeling of pride.

That he had found the strength to admit it to himself.

That he had chosen to take the path of his truth, despite it opening up some other doors he will now have to navigate.

People struggle with all manner of issues in their life, but this must go to the very heart of who you are. Identity. Expectation. Judgement.

What I imagine was the intensity of pressure is beyond anything I can imagine … but he didn’t just deal with it, he beat it.

That is fucking incredible and amazing.

And then there was love. Genuine love.

That he would trust me enough to tell me something so deeply personal.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve known each other for a while and I’ve always thought incredibly highly of his character … creativity … compassion … and kindness … but we’re not constantly in each others lives so to share something with me that he has just come to accept himself is the highest honour I think I may ever have felt.

As I told him, I just want to go give him a massive hug and tell him he’s ace.

The point of this post is two fold.

I hope that one day – by hook or by crook – he see’s this.

So he knows how much some old bloke from Nottingham thinks of him.

How proud I am of who he is and what he has done.

Which will be the same as everyone else he tells will feel.

Nothing changes of course because we’ve always adored him but we will all be so happy for him for being happy with himself.

The second point is a reminder.

No one knows what someone is going through.

Too often we look at people based on what we’re going through our own lives rather than considering what they may be going through theirs.

Just remembering we’re all dealing with different sorts of challenges may just open the door to people feeling more comfortable or confident to express or share. Or simply feel the World isn’t a cold, cruel place.

That they’re not entirely on their own unless they choose to be.

I’m so so proud of you mate.

And I’m so excited for the life you can now live.

Because while society often talks about material assets as symbols of a life worth living, the best thing you can have is a life of truth.

Love ya …


I know this blog has a rather dark sense of humour, but please not on this post. I am sure you know why, but save your sarcasm and abuse towards me for tomorrow. Ta.

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They told you because you are a good man Robert Campbell. As this post reinforces.

Comment by Lee Hill


Comment by Jemma King

good one campbell. you hide being a semi decent human so fucking well.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’re much nicer to people you don’t know well than the rest of us.

Comment by DH

This is a great post Robert.

Comment by George

Blessings and joy to Robert.

Comment by Patricia Brown

Underneath it all, you’re OK.

Comment by Bazza

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