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Can Someone Help Me Answer This …
September 16, 2019, 6:15 am
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Above is a photo of one of the members of my team, Toby.

Toby is Australian, talented and a good human.

None of this serves any point to this post.

You see I found the above .gif in my phone and I have no idea how it got there or what ‘subscribe nooooooooow’ refers to.

I could ask him, but he’s not in yet and, to be honest, I have a slight concern that he looks like he has been held captive in a terrorist cell and been made to do this which means he may not come in again for a long, long time.

I did think it could be for our WorldWideWeird but that’s Amelia’s baby so that doesn’t explain it … though she definitely has a dark evil within her, so you never know.

Any suggestions …

[Acknowledging a wealth of insults are about to come my way]

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The Rob Campbell victim fund?

Comment by Bazza

Rob has violated too many brains for their to be enough people left to act as a support network.

Comment by DH

Is he creeping to you with that shirt?

Comment by Pete

It is impressive how quickly you forge a team. I must admit I do sometimes wonder if it is down to inspirational leadership or photographic blackmail.

Comment by George

No one can help you with anything.
Most wouldn’t want to if they could.
I would. But I’d want cash up front.

Comment by DH

I think all of the above are true.

And to answer George, definitely the latter – how the hell do you think I got you to acknowledge my existence.

Comment by Rob

He has a lovely smile. Should I assume this was taken before he worked with you.

Comment by George

Wow, you are being Mr Bitchy today aren’t you.

Comment by Rob

on Android if you look at anything on Whatsapp it gets downloaded if you aren’t careful!

Comment by jestyn

Stockholm syndrome.

Comment by John

youre a fucking lunatic campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Happy birthday to your father Robert.

That is a striking photograph of him.

Comment by Lee Hill

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